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The New York Times Crossword Puzzle App Hits Android

Nov 17, 2016

Good news if you love the New York Times crossword puzzles as it was just announced there is an Android app fully devoted to the crosswords. The Google Play Store is where you can go if you want access to the New York Times Crossword puzzles.

New York Times Crossword Puzzle App Hits Android

If you subscribe to the New York Times Crossword, you will have access to all of the crosswords featured in the newspaper. You will have the daily mini puzzle games, along with the daily puzzles that come in the New York Times newspaper. You will also get 20 years of archived crossword puzzles that you can start going through and completing one by one. One of the puzzle themes you will get in the archive are the acrostics, which is one of the most popular puzzles from the New York Times.

There is also a “Play Anywhere” feature on the New York Times Crossword app, which means you can play the same puzzle across multiple devices, such as your Android phone and your laptop. This is a great addition because if you are someone who is on the go a lot, you will not have to worry about losing your puzzle or place in the puzzle if you decide to go from one device to another.



This is also good because as we all know, Android phones just like all of the other smartphones, can end up with a short battery after using it for a long time. If something happens and your Android phone dies in the middle of a puzzle, you do not have to worry about the game being lost as you can just put it up on another device and finish where you left off. Another good thing about this is that if you have children, which can make it harder to get through a game, you can always stop the game as it stands and then pick it up later when you have some down time.

If you would like to try out the New York Times Crossword Puzzle app for Android before you buy it, you can do that with the free 7-day free trial. The only down side to this is that once you download the app, your 7-day free trial begins. You will be able to get the daily Mini Crossword Puzzles for free as well. If you want to subscribe to the New York Times Crossword for Android it will cost you $6.99 a month after the free trial or you can buy a year subscription for $39.95.

If you already get the New York Times in digital or physical form through an existing subscription, you can save 50% off on the Crossword subscription. You will also have access to all upcoming puzzles as well as they are released, so you will not be short of crossword puzzles to do when you add in the daily puzzles that keep coming plus the 20-years of archived puzzles that include some pretty cool themed puzzles from years gone by.