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Newest Google Play Services Update Drains Your Battery

Aug 14, 2019

The newest Google Play Services update has rolled out and there is a huge problem with the update. A lot of people are reporting that this update drains your battery. As you probably know, Google Play Services is an important feature of Android.

Google Play Services is what makes a lot of the built-in Google services work. From quicker GPS to push notifications and background functions, Google Play Services is very important. The newest update however, which is version 18.3.82, seemingly has a battery drain problem.

Google Play Services Draining Battery in Latest Update

We all know how important Google Play Services is for Android devices since it’s basically responsible for running the entire Android system. Since so many pieces of Android are connected to Google Play Services, when it ends up going down or having some glitches, it will impact most of Android. This is what we are seeing right now with update 18.3.82 with the battery drainage issue.

We have found that Google Play Services is actually causing huge battery drainage issues regardless of which Android device you are currently using. Even using the phone normally is causing these battery drain issues, so it’s not like people are using their phones a lot more than before.

You can easily see if you are being impacted by this issue by going into the device battery details. There is an option to enable the option to show the complete device usage, and this is what you need to click. You will find this underneath the three-dot menu on most Android devices.

Battery Drainage Problems Impacting Google Play Services Update

If you are one of the people impacted, you will see that the graph charts downward, sometimes in a rapid fashion, even during the times you weren’t using your Android device. There are a couple of things you can do until Google releases a fix for this issue. One remedy is to downgrade to a lower version of Google Play Services. The only issue with this is that at some point in the future, it will automatically update once again to the new version.

You also might want to try to clear out the cache and storage of Google Play Services to see if that does anything since some people have said this works. If you sign up on the Google Play Store to test out beta versions of Google Play Services, you also might get around the problem by downloading the newest beta update. Beta versions are often times less stable but in this case it might be worth the risk to see if it helps your battery life.

Are You Impacted by Google Play Services Battery Drainage Bug?

In the comments below, we want to know if you are one of the people impacted by the Google Play Services battery drainage issue. Are you going to try any of the possible remedies to fix the situation now or just wait for Google to release a fix for the problem? Do you think that your battery life is significantly impacted by this bug?

We aren’t sure when Google is going to release a fix for the issue, but hopefully it’s within the next week. If we hear any more details about Google fixing the issue, we will be sure to let you know. We are interested in hearing how many people have noticed this issue within the past couple days. Until a fix is released, what are you going to do to ensure your Android battery life is as good as it possibly can be?