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News: Instagram finally adds two factor authentication

Feb 18, 2016

News: Instagram finally adds two factor authentication: Facebook-owned Instagram just got a lot more secure. It has begun rolling out two-factor verification or two-factor authentication which will make log in to another person’s account a lot more difficult and prevent hackers from breaking into your account. However this feature will not be available to Android or iOS apps users in India. This two-factor support is already offered to most of the big social media services ton ensure full security and safety.  With Instagram also catching up because it is worth stealing an Instagram account which is used by million of users including brands, celebrities and artists who also make a living through it.

Instagram finally adds two factor authentication
Instagram finally adds two factor authentication

This works just as it did on other apps and if you are new to it, then we will like to explain the working: The tool allows Instagram users to enter their login information and then it will send a one time password to their registered phone number. Users will then have to input this code in order to sign in to their respective accounts. This simply means that hackers will need more than just your password and email which they can easily manage by guessing or stealing and tricking it out of you but they cannot get their hands on the code sent to your phone.

Although it’s not a fool-proof plan but it can protect your precious social media presence from deter thieves who wants to ruin it. In December 2015, this photo/selfie-sharing service announced that it had doubled its user base in India over the last year and in September it is said to have crossed the 400 million-user mark. It further claimed that over 80 million pictures are being shared on a daily basis. It is confirmed by Instagram itself that the feature will come out in stages so don’t worry if you can’t see it now, it will arrive in due time.