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Nexar AI App Turns Android Phone Into Dashcam

Nov 19, 2016

A new app in the Google Play Store is going to help you turn your Android smartphone into a dashcam. This new app, which uses artificial intelligence, aims to help you record the whole driving experience, as well as give you other useful information like speed and a GPS.

Nexar AI Dashcam App Comes to Android

When it comes to driving, a dashcam is a very handy device to have turned on at all times. Whether you are looking at it from the angle of having proof of an accident or hit-and-run or you are more of the mindset of if you get pulled over you should film the interaction between you and the cops. Whatever your personal reason for wanting a dashcam, they are very handy to have and at the same time, most dashcams are expensive to purchase.

Nexar, which is an app for your Android phone, hopes to give you the goods of a dashcam, but without needing another device. Nexar will turn your Android smartphone into a dashcam, and uses artificial intelligence in order to gather all the required information you would want. Not only is Nexar going to record video for you when you are driving, but the artificial intelligence will end up adding various improvements to your car.


For instance, the artificial intelligence will provide you with GPS tracking and proximity warnings. You will also be able to get direction and speed recording with Nexar, which means if you get pulled over for speeding, there is a way with this app you can prove whether you were or weren’t actually speeding. Think of Nexar as a way to always have proof of situations you might find yourself in while driving, such as if someone hits you and then tries to claim you hit them. You will have the video camera rolling on Nexar and it will show that the other person was lying, which can help when it comes to insurance claims and litigation. As previously mentioned, if you find yourself interacting with a cop and things go a little awry, you will be able to prove police misconduct by having Nexar running as your dashcam throughout the entire ordeal.

Your videos will be dynamically stored, which means only the last recordings will be saved, although you can go in and save any recordings you want as long as you do it quickly after it records. Nexar also runs in the background, which means you can still listen to your music and to other tasks on your Android device while it is running and recording. This is also good because then if you did get pulled over, the cops would not get an attitude with you by thinking you were recording since it is running in the background.


The only negative aspect to Nexar at this point is that it will likely cause your Android phone battery to die rather quickly. This is especially true because it does run in the background, so you will need to turn it completely off when you are not using it to save your phone battery. If your Android device already has battery issues, then you might need to invest in a car charger because you will need it if you plan on running Nexar all the time when you drive.

If you would like to try out this Android phone dashcam experience, download Nexar from Google Play today. All you need to run Nexar is an Android device running operating system 4.1 or higher, a rear-facing camera, and then a way to mount the phone in your car. Nexar is still in the “unreleased” stage on Google Play, which means it can be considered unstable and buggy at this point.

You can still download and use the app on your Android device, just remember that it could be a little glitch-prone until all the kinks and bugs are worked out. Even though Nexar is only in the Alpha stage, it is still worth downloading and checking out if you are in the need for a cheap dashcam and do not want to go out and purchase an actual dashcam, which can be hundreds of dollars. It is also a good way to use your Android phone for something that could end up saving your life or saving you money one day if you get into a litigious situation.