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Next Lock Screen for Android Gets Updates

Nov 28, 2016

Another Microsoft update for Android just hit the Google Play Store. This time, Next Lock Screen for Android was just upated, and adds to the list of Microsoft updates hitting Google Play. There of course are some new features being added into Next Lock Screen for Android, and some fixes to make things run smoother.

Next Lock Screen for Android Gets New Features

If you never have heard of Next Lock Screen, it is an app available for Android brought to you by Microsoft. This app is loved by many Android users since it can help keep your phone protected from people trying to get into your phone. Next Lock screen can automatically unlock the handset if you are at a certain spot, and you can use various types of lock patterns or pins to keep your Android device secure. Essentially, Next Lock Screen is the next level in helping you keep your Android device secure by providing you with a more in-depth lock screen ability, including making difficult pattern locks.

There are a couple of fixes that are part of the Next Lock Screen for Android update, and these changes and fixes will help the app run better over all. One of the bug fixes is that you will no longer see the persistent notifications on your lock screen. This was one of those crazy bugs that sometimes happened and it was annoying always getting the persistent notifications while on the lock screen. Another fix that is coming to Next Lock Screen for Android is there is now a fix for the password inconsistency glitch that was happening.

android-next-lock-screenThe new features that are coming to Next Lock Screen include being able to adjust the compact status bar. texting and calling contacts from the lock screen. You can also see various notifications such as Facebook messages, text messages, missed calls with Next Lock Screen. There is also a built-in app launcher that can allow you to launch your favorite apps quickly. Speaking of these features, another new thing coming with the update is that if you have low-end devices, you will notice there is a reduction in the wallpaper memory usage. This will help you maintain your battery life for a lot longer, especially if your device already sucks battery life quickly.

The updates and new fixes for Next Lock Screen from Microsoft are just the latest in a string of updates and new user-friendly customization options Microsoft is focusing on for various Android apps. There have already been several apps that have seen updates and new features thanks to Microsoft, which has shifted focus away from Windows Phones, and instead is more focused on updates and improvements on Android apps that it has pushed out onto Google Play. You can expect that there will be more updates and features coming to apps developed by Microsoft in the near future. As for Next Lock Screen, you can download the new version now from Google Play or wait for the over-the-air update to hit your Android device.