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Night Mode Added to Google Home Android App

Oct 3, 2017

If you have Google Home, you might want to check out the newest Android app update. This new Android app update for Google Home provides you with a Night Mode feature. The Google Home Android app was just updated. This means that some Android devices might just now be receiving this new update. Night Mode is a great addition to this app, and we have all of the exciting details of this feature. Read on to learn more about the new Night Mode feature, available now in the Android Google Home app.

Android Google Home App Adds Night Mode & More

The Google Home Android app just got an update. In this update, Night Mode is now available, but only for those in the Google Home Preview Program. If you are a member of the Google Home Preview Program, you should be seeing the new Night Mode feature right now. You will need to make sure you have updated the Google Home Android app because without the newest update, Night Mode will not be present. You might have heard about Night Mode before in other apps, because it is quickly becoming popular on both iOS and Android. This is a little different though, than what you might see in other apps with Night Mode.

Night Mode is pretty basic in terms of what it does for the Google Home Android app. It will ensure that the device is doing what it should for the time of night it is. Night Mode will dim the LED brightness on the device and also adjust the volume. The volume will be adjusted to an appropriate level for that particular time. Google Home will respond to you in a quieter fashion during the night time hours. During the night time, a normal voice might not be considered appropriate, and this is where the Night Mode will come in handy.

Night Mode Hits Google Home Android App for Preview Program Users

With the new Google Home Android app update, you also will be able to do more than just turn off or on Night Mode. In this update, you will be able to customize the whole experience, including which times when this mode will become active. You can choose to set Night Mode for anytime that you want really, and it will work day or night.

The Google Home Android app update allows for you to set certain times and also preset the brightness of those LED products. You can choose to have a very dim LED or a brighter LED. That is a great addition because you can customize the lighting to just how you want it based on your own needs and natural lighting.

There is also a Do Not Disturb function within the app. This feature will completely disable the notifications and sounds once the device has entered into this mode. If you are someone who hates being bugged at night, then this is a great feature to have. If you have not joined the Preview Program yet, it seems like the this new update would really be the perfect opportunity. The Google Home Preview Program will allow you to get new features before anyone else.

The new features include ones like the newest one released, which is only for Preview Program users. We expect that it eventually will be available to everyone. If you would like to try this out head over to the Google Home app and click on the device. Once you have clicked the device, you can click on the menu and go to the Settings, and from there enroll into the Preview Program.