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Night Shift in iOS 9.3 makes reading easier on your eyes

Apr 3, 2016

Night Shift in iOS 9.3 makes reading easier on your eyes: A new feature has been added to the Apple iOs 9.3 that is Night Shift, Lockable Notes and more.Night Shift in iOS 9.3


A tablet can be used at night to keep people awake studies have shown this. Also scientists have determined the cause that there is too much blue light , so apple have decided to shift the display from blue to red light to show the evening process and this change is called Night Shift. It can be set according to need and also can be turned off either permanently or just the rest of the day.


There are many information which you want to save privately so that’s why iOS 9.3 added a way lock individual with a password.

This is a quite good addition but currently it has a bit problem that is users choose which notes to lock, and everyone has the same password

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So multiple people can’t use this feature to secure their information.

iCloud for I Books:

Finally Apple integrated its iBooks ebook reader into its iCloud cloud storage service.It means that every ebook or PDF that is stored on an iPad can be automatically synced with the iBooks application running on a iPhone or another iOS tablet.


The News was a new feature added by Apple and the homepage for this application is called “For You” and the articles in this feature are now better tailored according to your interest.

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After testing the final release not a single application has crashed. The new features are remarkably stable.There were initially issues with installing the new version on very old devices like 2011’s iPad 2, but Apple has now fixed these. And some users complained about problems with hyperlinks in web browsers and other applications not functioning, but Apple rushed out iOS 9.3.1 to take care of this. These features will be very useful for you.