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Nintendo Bringing Dr. Mario World to iOS & Android This Summer

Feb 4, 2019

We have great news about Nintendo as it was just announced the company will be releasing Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android this summer. We have seen Nintendo bring a few different titles to the mobile platforms, including both Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing.

A classic puzzle game from the 90’s is next up on the list of Nintendo games coming to iOS and Android. We have been waiting for Nintendo to finally announce which other game will soon be coming to mobile. As you might know, Nintendo seems to want to focus on Switch, instead of getting into the mobile markets. Read on to learn all about Dr. Mario World and what we might expect to see in the mobile version of this iconic game.

Dr. Mario World Action Puzzle Game Coming to iOS & Android

Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing are Nintendo games that have made it onto the mobile platforms. Most of the other really popular Nintendo games have stayed and will stay Nintendo-exclusives, but a new iconic game is about to launch. This past weekend we learned that Nintendo would be releasing Dr. Mario World for both iOS and Android. Nintendo said that this game would launch on mobile sometime during the summer of 2019.

Nintendo is partnering up with LINE Corporation to bring this action puzzle game to those on iOS and Android. This game will be released globally to more than 60 different countries, which will include both Japan and the United States. LINE Corporation is best known for making the LINE Messaging app.

The LINE Messaging app is a very popular app over in southeast Asia. LINE has partnered with Disney in the past to release mobile games including Tsum Tsum game. LINE Corporation also has a ton of games itself, but this new deal with Nintendo is definitely going to be a big deal.

More Dr. Mario World Mobile Game Details

There are some things that we already know about Dr. Mario World, including that it will be a Freemium game on iOS and Android. This means the game itself will be free-to-play, but it will have in-app purchases that you can make. If you have played Super Mario Run, then you know what a Freemium game looks like. Both Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes are Freemium games, which means free-to-play, but comes with in-app optional purchases.

Dr. Mario World itself was a 90’s game that was a puzzle game much like Tetris. It uses bi-colored pills and you have to match these colors up in order to kill the viruses. The viruses would be blocking the board and if you did not kill the viruses, you would lose the game.

If you have played Tetris before, then you know how it works when items start building up on the board. So you have to match these bi-colored pills in order to get these items off the board before you lose. The only thing we know about the release date is that it is expected sometime in the early summer of 2019. We hope to know more about the game and release date in the future.

Are You Excited for Dr. Mario World to Hit Mobile Devices?

We are definitely excited for the release of Dr. Mario World on both iOS and Android as a free-to-play mobile game. When it comes to Nintendo, the company has been very slow transitioning to the mobile game world. Nintendo seems to want to stay focused on devices it has made, such as the Nintendo Switch. If Nintendo did release more games for iOS and Android, it would outpace the sales on Switch and other Nintendo platforms.

We want to know in the comments below what you think of the new Dr. Mario World game coming to both iOS and Android. Was this a game you played in the 90’s, and if so, did you enjoy this action puzzle game? Do you think this game can translate well in the mobile world or do you think it will be hard to keep the original concept of the game? What other games are you hopeful that Nintendo will release for iOS and Android in the future? Let us know what your favorite Nintendo game is in the comments below and tell us if you hope it will also come to the mobile platforms.