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Nintendo plans to launch its first Smartphone controller

Jul 13, 2016

Nintendo plans to launch its first Smartphone controller: Nintendo is a Japanese multinational and world’s largest video game company in the world. Initially, it has produced handmade hanafuda playing cards since 1889. Now, this company also makes games for smartphones and devices. For android and iOS, Nintendo launched various games like Miitomo, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.Nintendo Smartphone controller

Nintendo plans to launch its first Smartphone controller

Recently, as per this year’s general shareholders meeting, Nintendo went one step forward with a plan of launching an action game controller device for smartphones and smart devices. At this meeting when the officials from Nintendo were asked that many people would like to play Nintendo’s action game as smart device applications, but smart devices have a touch screen which is not suitable for action games. Does Nintendo have any plans to launch a physical device to play action games on smart devices and invest in the new title of quality action games? Then the officials said that they may develop something new like physical controllers for smart devices and Nintendo believes that the action games are not impossible to create and how can they make it happened. They think that they will make applications also not just action games for everyone from every age.

From the words said by officials, it can be assumed that it is not sure that the company will produce physical controllers for smart devices. To make this thing clear, Koji Takahashi, graphic designer of Nintendo said that Nintendo thinks that some action games can be played without using a physical controller. In these days, Nintendo is working on Miitomo and non-action games like Animal crossing.

Maybe in the year 2016, Nintendo will a physical controller for smart devices to play action games, which would be great. Or probably may not be.