Home News Not Hotdog App Launches on Android for ‘Silicon Valley’ Fans

Not Hotdog App Launches on Android for ‘Silicon Valley’ Fans

Jun 28, 2017

While we often tell you about very serious gaming news, we have a more quirky Android game to tell you about with the release of Not Hotdog. If you are a fan of the show ‘Silicon Valley’ then you probably know exactly what we are talking about here with the Not Hotdog app. This is a silly app that first was invented on the hit HBO show. Now, the Not Hotdog app comes to life as it was released on Android just today.

Not Hotdog App From ‘Silicon Valley’ Fame Hits Android

While there have been a ton of knockoff apps related to the Not Hotdog app from HBO, it has now been officially launched on Android. Since there are a lot of these knockoff apps out there, you want to make sure you are downloading the Not Hotdog app that was developed by SeeFood Technologies Inc., since that is actually the real app developed from the hit HBO show.

If you have an iOS device, you probably already knew that the Not Hotdog app was released back in May on Apple’s App Store. It is really good news that now Google Play Store has an official Not Hotdog app to entertain us for hours.

This app does exactly what you might think it will do, which is tell you when something is a hotdog and when something is not a hotdog. It actually works pretty well to be a fun quirky app, and it was developed without too much effort by the ‘Silicon Valley’ team. This was an app that was developed by the show team in-house.

Even better is that it only took one developer to make the Not Hotdog app for Android. There was hand-curated data used as well as a GPU plus one laptop. A pretty simple process for the single developer, but it is creating hours of fun for people who love ‘Silicon Valley’ and the premise of the app itself.

Not Hotdog App Will Delight Fans of ‘Silicon Valley’

While there is not too much we can say about the app, since it is self-explanatory, it does give us a sense of just how quick people could develop an app based on a concept from a television show. If you are someone who works on a television show or movie, making apps like this might be a good idea because it will hype up the show or movie even more, and give people a way to connect with the characters and show ideas in a new way.

Since the app was created in-house by a developer on the show, it gives us all hope that more shows will go this route to entertain their fans. Can you imagine if there was a cool app invented like this for all of our popular shows that we have come to know and love? The team behind ‘Silicon Valley’ wanted to do something fun, inventive, and completely not serious, which is exactly what this app is all about.

The bonus part about this app is that it really does work, and it works better than some more serious legit apps out there. This app is free to download right now on Google Play Store and you can check it out to see just how inventive yet simple this app really is.