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Note-Taking App Agenda Comes to iOS Next Week

May 26, 2018

One of the most popular note-taking apps out there for Mac is Agenda, and this amazing app is about to make it onto Apple’s App Store. Agenda will be hitting iOS devices on May 29, which is this coming week. Agenda is a great note-taking app because it is date-based.

This app is often times referred to as one of the best apps out there for Mac. Now, those with an iOS device will get to see what Agenda is all about once it is released for iOS in a few days. We have all of the details about Agenda, so keep reading to learn more about the upcoming iOS release.

Date-Based Note App Agenda Finally Hits iOS May 29

If you are looking for a new note-taking app, then you might want to check out Agenda, which will be released for iOS on May 29. You can actually pre-order the iOS version right now, which comes in both a free version and a subscription-based premium version with more features. We will get into that a little bit later, but for now, we want to talk more about how Agenda works.

Agenda uses a date-based setup, which means it is better for all of your projects since you can get a clearer picture of what needs to be done. You can input information for each day, so that you are able to easily stay on track with the tasks at hand. This means that you can track the progress of your projects quicker and easier, since it is setup in the daily format and by the dates. If you are someone who is more into timeline organization, then Agenda is definitely going to help you out. You also can link notes right to your calendar and also attach dates to your notes.

Agenda Features Great for Personal & Work Projects

With Agenda, there are many features that would be useful to you both for personal projects and work projects. You are able to plan out all of your projects and then document the entire process with this app. Agenda will allow you to document the past, the current stage of your project, and what you want the future of your project to be. This gives you a more complete picture of the project, which is going to help increase your overall productivity. The app allows you to keep tabs on things that could spring up in between your planned events.

Sometimes you might do something for your project, but not remember why you did what you did. What this app allows you to do is record your entire process through notes, which can help you figure out why you took certain steps during the project. There is also the “On the Agenda” feature, which gives you the ability to highlight things that need to get done immediately. The sidebar will contain these items so you can quickly see them when you open the app. There is also the ability to search for these “On the Agenda” items so you can find them easier.

Agenda is the Best Go-To Date-Based Note-Taking App

Beyond the “On the Agenda” feature, there are also other features like related notes, saved searches, and a navigation history. You will also be able to cross-link between your notes, and you have a complete text editor with this app. This means you can change up formats and styles.

You also can add notes with tags in order to keep yourself more organized. Sharing options are also prevalent with this app, which is great if you are trying to collaborate with other people. You can share your notes, your entire project, or even print everything really easily using this app.

As for the prices and the premium subscription which we talked about earlier, the basic app is free to download on Apple’s App Store. There are 12-month subscriptions too, which gives you new features and all premium features of the app. It will cost you $9.99 if you want the premium 12-month subscription for Agenda.

If you want the iOS and Mac versions of Agenda, then it will be $24.99 to unlock both versions. Even better, you will be able to sync all of your notes with iCloud, since iCloud is supported. This means you can go between Mac and iOS and not lose any information since it can all be synced. Head to Apple’s App Store right now if you want to pre-order Agenda, or you can wait until May 29, which is when the app is officially launched for iOS.