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Now you can earn cash by posting on Facebook

Apr 24, 2016

Now you can earn cash by posting on Facebook: Soon Facebook will become a tool for monetization too. It means that now you can earn money for the posts that you write on the Facebook.Facebook

Now you can earn cash by posting on Facebook

The social media giant is considering to roll out a feature that will allow the users to make money from the posts by letting them to add a ‘tip jar’.

It is hinted by a Facebook user survey in several ways that the users can make money or promote a cause on its website, also including a ‘tip jar’ the branded content and taking a cut of the ad revenue Facebook that earns from the posts, on Thursday reported by The Verge.

The survey also asked the users to indicate their interest in a button i.e. ‘call to action’. It is a way to sponsor marketplace to match with the users and let the followers to make donations.

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However, it is still unclear that whether Facebook is rolling out this new feature to all the users or the company will just make it available for only verified users.

Currently, only the publishers have been allowed to sell the advertising inside its feature of ‘Instant Articles’ and recently Facebook clarified the rules to allow the posts sponsored by brands that to be shared on verified pages.

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Facebook is also testing the ads within the suggestions that pop up after the user watches a video, sharing money with the publishers.

We are committed for creating sustainable but yes it is very early, long-term monetization models for our partners and we are listening to the feedback, quoted as saying by a Facebook spokeswoman.

In 2007, Video Streaming website YouTube has launched a similar revenue-sharing program for some selected users.

Similarly, the streaming platform of choice for the gamers Twitch to lets the partners make money through subscriptions, revenue sharing and merchandise sale.