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Now You Can Order Pizza Hut on Facebook & Twitter

Jul 15, 2016

Now You Can Order Pizza Hut on Facebook & Twitter: You may already have a Pizza Hut pie order on the phone, website and mobile application, but soon expand the restaurant’s menu options of the press with the launch of its own interactive chat robot.Now You Can Order Pizza Hut on Facebook & Twitter

Now You Can Order Pizza Hut on Facebook & Twitter

Inserted by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 developer conference in April to automate chatbot artificial intelligence and preprogrammed responses with simple tasks, such as book writing e-mail, or ordering a meal.

When autumn comes, the robots Pizza Hut servers allows you to place an order with just write what you want in a text conversation in Facebook Messenger and Twitter. You can information on promotions in your area runs make the bot and even most information about nutrition, working hours and delivery areas answer. There is no additional fee for the use of the chatbot and Pizza Hut will confirm all orders by sending a message in the window.

Pizza Hut social robots will be released this fall, but the company still has a long way to go before it is ready to order with Domino Robotics unit prototype.Now Pizza to compete, as the cat be so easy! Pizza Hut plans to open Facebook and Twitter to ask routes favorite pizza in all US locations for August

The company plans to “chatbot” order a pizza via Facebook Messenger and Twitter to use. Chatbot is a cat robot to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more users. No additional charge will chatbot sort.

The account of the media will be convenient for the customers, because they have to provide only limited information available to order a pizza. Order Confirmation will be sent by courier. Currently, 50 percent of the orders are worked through the web and mobile platform with apps.The conversable, a company specializing in technology “talk trade”, the transactions through calls and messaging interfaces allows voice. “The general concept is good, there is many of these new technologies and are finding that we think is most important to make it easier for the customer to order.

The interesting thing about the mobile last order of the Pizza Hut platform is that it does not require an application. The message format, making a little more private operation – something like the way phone-in-fashioned, but ideally even easier.

Consumers prefer almost anything you do pick up the phone and call someone, the chain has a good amount of research on consumer behavior, also groups hosting discussion to determine how to interact consumers want. We have determined that it is easier for people a pizza already they work for applications where people spend most of the time. SMS or text, email, Facebook and Twitter from the experience each other?

Here’s how it works: Customers can chat purchased with the Pizza Hut account through Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM Essen, get the latest offers and promotions, find your nearest Pizza Hut, or ask questions to. The system can also be similar to many digital applications works these days as “remembers” the customers and their preferences.