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NYC Taxis Testing Arro, Uber Competitor App

Sep 23, 2015

There has always been a big battle between New York City cabs, and Uber cars. Since Uber started getting big, there has been countless debates about which provides the best overall service. With a new application, around 7,000 yellow and green taxi cabs in the NYC area are trying to compete with Uber.

The Application: Arro

The new application, known as Arro, is currently in beta. It will soon roll out within just a couple of weeks – arro-2from there, all 20,000 green and yellow taxis in the city will be able to use it.

There is one fairly big difference, between Arro and Uber. Arro does not use surge pricing.

Whereas Uber’s application will charge a higher rate during times of high demand, for example New Years Eve or times that it is raining, Arro’s integration with the New York City yellow and green taxis will not do this.

Arro is Different

There are many other applications that have tried to mimic what Uber provides on a taxi side. In most cases, they have completely failed.

arro-3However, Arro has said that it has a better chance, due to partnership with Creative Mobile Technologies, that it will succeed. Creative Media Technologies are the technology providers, that handles payments and entertainment in the video screens which can be seen in many of the NYC cabs.

The technology, which is seen in the NYC cabs, is also present within Arro. Also, drivers can use the built-in technology which is already in their cab. This will allow drivers to pick up Arro fairs, without having to install any other additional dashboard controls (like a smartphone) – Uber drivers must use a smartphone.

Uber and TLC

Uber and the TLC have been in a substantially long battle, with Mayer Bill de Blaiso. The Mayer has been trying to limit the number of Uber drivers in the road. That plan did not go as planned, however.

In this case, it is not likely that the Mayer will want to limit Arro drivers – since they are already cab drivers in the city.

The introduction of Arro could create some competition for Uber, the company which has quickly grown to be valued at over $50bn since 2010.

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