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The Official Android Beta Community Moves to Reddit As Google+ Shutdown Looms

Mar 12, 2019

Google+ is about to shutdown for good and in preparation for that the Android Beta Community has moved to Reddit. We are talking about the official Android Beta Community group which has been on Google+ for years now. If you are into Android then you have probably heard about this community before.

There are more than 160,000 people who have joined the Google+ community and it only continues to get bigger as time goes on. We have all of the latest information regarding the official switch from Google+ to Reddit for the Android Beta Community so continue reading to learn more.

Official Android Beta Community Heads to Reddit Ahead of Google+ Shutdown

There are only a few more weeks left of Google+ as Google announced a while back that Google+ would be shutting down for good early April 2019. Throughout the years, Google+ has hosted many different types of community pages, including the official Android Beta.

The moderator of the page announced the move this week in anticipation of Google+ shutting down for good. If you have not visited the page before, there are more than 160,000 members to this group. The group itself has directly impacted the new Android releases.

The official Android Beta Community page has been hosted on Google+ for more than a few years now, and it has only grown stronger these past couple years. This switch is not too surprising given that many groups were looking for new homes due to the pending Google+ shutdown.

The good news is that the same moderators that were on the page while on Google+ will be the moderators now on the Reddit page. From this point onward all updates and announcements can be found through the Official Android Beta Community Reddit page. If you have suggestions or feedback, you can send it to that Reddit page and it will be monitored by the moderators.

Android Beta Community on Reddit Not Too Active as of Yet

If you head on over to the official Android Beta Community Reddit page, you will notice it’s not that active yet. This is possibly because people are still mingling over on the Google+ page or possibly they have not yet been made aware of the change. The preview versions of Android Q will be coming within the next few weeks too, and that is when we expect more people to get on the new Reddit page.

As more Android news drops, especially big news like Android Q previews, we know more people will become active on the new Reddit page. The Google team took to the page to thank everyone for insight and feedback over the last several years.

They acknowledged that the Android Beta Community has had a direct impact on Android releases and evolving over the years. As Google brings more Android services and products to the table, the excitement over Android continues to get bigger. The team wrapped up by saying that these discussions will be continued over on the new official Reddit Android Beta Community page.

What Do You Think of the Official Android Beta Community Moving to Reddit?

We want to know what you think of the official Android Beta Community now moving to Reddit. Are you someone who uses Reddit regularly or do you think that platform has too much censorship and trolls to really be taken seriously? Have you visited the Google+ page of the official Android Beta Community in the past?

If you are one of the members we want to know what interests you when it comes to this group. Do you think there is a good level of interaction between the Android users and the actual Android development team?

What do you hope going to Reddit will achieve versus being on Google+? Since Reddit has millions of active users, do you think the Reddit group will have a lot more people eventually than the Google+ page did? We want to know all of your thoughts and opinions on this change in the comments below.