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Olmose: keep your home safe & protect your vehicle with your phone

Jan 25, 2016

Olmose: keep your home safe & protect your vehicle with your phone: Olmose is the new project of Kickstarter and this project was recently declared the project of the week.  Before explaining the features of Olmose, let’s first get a brief idea about Kickstarter.

Olmose App

Kickstarter project involves innovation and creativity and they have become quite popular among the people because of its original and useful inventions. The favorite and striking tech funding campaigns are selected and put together in a series called the ‘Kickstarter project of the week’.

Olmose, is a project initiated by Kickstarter which helps to maintain safety and security in your house as well as in your vehicles by reusing old technology.

Olmose Gadget

If you have old smartphones in your house, which are in working condition, but are not being used currently and are just lying around in your house then you can now make better use of such smart phones with the help of the Olmose technology. This technology helps you to turn your old gadgets into a new security system which will offer you safety for your house and your vehicles.  Let’s see how.

The smart phones are like mini portable computers and they have all the necessary tools in them to make themselves a self sustained system. The Olmose technology makes use of this feature of the phone and with the help of this it turns your device into an affordable security system.

Olmose consists of a Dog Station (dock) which comes with infrared sensors and charging capabilities, but this is not what Olmose is about. The company is selling the service to the users.

The Olmose project consists of only two main apps, Olmose Guardian and Olmose Remote. The first one, which is Olmose Guardian, helps in transforming the phone into a security camera, while the Olmose Remote helps the users to monitor the devices which have the Guardian app. Both these apps are necessary for effective security.

Olmose Car Tracking

The Olmose Guardian app helps to record everything which takes place around the device and the Olmose Remote app helps to monitor these Guradian devices in the user’s home. The Remote app supports both, video and audio surveillance and it also enables the users to activate or deactivate the surveillance at their will.

During the active mode, Olmose notifies the users in case any suspicious event takes place. The Dog Station has infrared sensors which allow it to keep a check on the night-time events as well. The Guardian devices can also be left in the vehicles of the user to record events there. Therefore, Olmose is a great invention which helps to transform your old devices into an affordable security system easily and conveniently.

The Olmose technology comes at a price, as we had mentioned earlier the company is selling its service.  The users who back the Kickstarter project can get discounts and special treats and signing up is available at minimum €20.

So, if you have old smart phones in your house and if you are interested in the Olmose project then you can look more into it by visiting the Kickstarter page.