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One Drop Glucose Monitoring Kit for iOS Hits Online Apple Store

Jan 18, 2017

Being a diabetic means that you need to check your blood sugar early and often. You should be regularly keeping a log of your blood sugars to ensure that you are eating properly and exercising right. Now, there is a new way for you to keep track of and manage your blood glucose levels as One Drop just launched an iOS app for the new One Drop Glucose Monitoring Kit.

One Drop Glucose Monitoring Kit Features iOS App

This new blood sugar monitoring kit is available right now on Apple’s website for $99.95. This new product was just approved by both the CE in Europe and the FDA here in America. One Drop is one of the newest health startup companies and it is looking to make checking your blood sugar and managing your diabetes easier. The entire kit is called the One Drop Chrome Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit.

The One Drop Chrome Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit contains everything a diabetic will need to check and manage their blood sugars, and it comes with the handy iOS-compatible app. You get a Bluetooth-enabled blood sugar meter, a chrome lancing tool, test strips, and the handy vegan leather carrying case.

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This new blood sugar meter can read your results in as little as 5 seconds. That data is then transmitted do the One Drop iOS App, which can be downloaded onto any iOS device. Whether you have an Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you will be able to download this app to keep track of your blood sugars automatically. This is really cool because if you are or know someone who is diabetic, it can be a pain writing down the glucose numbers and remembering to write them down right after you check your sugar.

As far as the lancing device goes, there are custom settings on it so you can get the depth you need to get a good finger stick. You will get the perfect drop of blood for the glucose monitoring kit every time with this custom lancing device. You can subscribe to One Drop Premium for $39.95 a month and get your monthly order of test strips. When you look at the cost of test strips, paying that price is very reasonable because a lot of test strips, even with insurance, will cost you double that price depending on the brand you use currently.

The hardware on the One Drop device is Chrome, and it connects to the One Drop iOS app or connected to the watchOS. This new device also can connect to other apps to allow you the chance to sync up your data, such as to Bluetooth meters and activity trackers. You also have full CareKit and HealthKit integration and it allows you to connect to various Android apps as well.

If you would like to check out this new iOS app along with the new One Drop Chrome Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit, you can head over to Apple’s online store now. It shows that the delivery date for this device begins on January 13, so the product is available now for purchase. You can either choose to get the item shipped to your home or you can pick the item up at your local Apple Store.