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OneDrive for Android Gets Beta Update

Jan 22, 2017

If you have Microsoft OneDrive, you might be interested in knowing that the app for Android has just been updated. Currently, the updated version of OneDrive for Android is in beta testing, but the official version should be released soon.

What’s New in OneDrive for Android Update?

If you are wondering what the new features are in the OneDrive Android beta update, keep reading because we are going to tell you all about it. Microsoft has been steadily increasing the output of updates on both iOS and Android for a lot of the Microsoft products. This means that apps like OneDrive are continuing to see new features and improvements, with updates coming pretty regularly these past few months. So what is new in the Microsoft OneDrive update for Android?

The first thing you will notice in the OneDrive for Android beta update  is that you can now save space on your Android device. This new space-saving feature is called “Clean Up Space” and it will allow you to delete your photos right from your device. The best part is that you do not need to do anything to backup your photos from your Android device to your Microsoft OneDrive account. For people on lower-end Android devices this is great news, because often times you cannot store that many photos on your Android device if you are on 8GB or 16GB. When it comes to OneDrive cloud storage from Microsoft, if you have an account there is now no reason not to utilize it. Cloud storage like OneDrive allows you to store your photos and videos without using the room on your device, and this is great because you will have access to everything with the click of a button.

The “Clean Up Space” feature specifically is pretty cool from what we have seen in the OneDrive Android beta update. With this new “Clean Up Space” feature you will notice that once you reach 1GB of data on OneDrive, the app will now automatically request to remove those items from your Android device. This means that you can choose to have OneDrive delete the local copies on your Android device once they are backed up on the cloud storage and you will not have to do anything or think about going back and deleting those photos ever again. This will give you more room for other things you would like to have on your Android device, such as music or other apps. Things like this are very handy if you do not have a microSD slot on your Android device and have no options to backup or delete your data from your Android device without possibly losing information or photos.

Once your photos and other items have been uploaded, you will get the option to leave the content on your Android device for now, leave the content indefinitely, or delete the content that you just uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive. If you are someone that takes a lot of photos, either in a personal or professional setting, this new OneDrive feature will come in very handy. You will be able to just choose which option you would like to do with those pictures that you just uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive, so you do not ever have to go through and manually delete the photos one by one.

Another good feature about this is that Microsoft OneDrive will automatically perform this action once you reach 1GB of storage, so you know every time you delete the photos from your device you gain 1GB on your Android phone or tablet. For people who are never sure of exactly how much room their pictures are taking up, this is really good news. You no longer have to try to do the math yourself and figure out how many pictures you need to delete in order to get back 1GB of room on your Android device.

If you are involved in the beta program, you will find this new Microsoft OneDrive beta update available to you now. You can also sign up to become one of the beta testers if you would like to get cool beta updates like this for your Android device. If you would rather wait, you can wait for the official release of the Microsoft OneDrive update for Android. The official Android release for Microsoft OneDrive should hit your Android device within the next couple weeks or possibly within the next month. You will then be able to get the update either through the over-the-air option or you will be able to download Microsoft OneDrive for Android through the Google Play Store.