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OnePlus 2 now available on Amazon India at Rs. 22,999

Jan 30, 2016

OnePlus 2 now available on Amazon India at Rs. 22,999: The OnePlus 2 smart phone was released shortly and comes in two variants that come with different internal storage. One of them has 16GB memory and the other 64GB. In India, only one of the two models was released and available on the floor, that is the 64GB model. There is good news now.

OnePlus 2
OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 16GB model available in India now

Now, the second variant of the OnePlus 2 with storage capacity 16GB is now available for customers in India. The smart phone is available on Amazon, one of India’s leading online shopping forums. Add the phone to your carts today if you like it.

OnePlus 2 phone specifications and reviews

The smart phone is sold at a price of Rs. 22,999. You can buy the phone without any kind of invites. The features and technology of the phone make the phone quite attractive. The phone has a 5.5 inch stunning display which is full HD. The display has been improved from the previous year’s phone, which is brighter than it. The phone has a resolution of 1920 x 080 pixels.

There is a physical home button that is present on the phone. The phone has the fingerprint recognizing feature, which is recognized by the home button. The phone can store as many as 5 fingerprints and is quite accurate that makes the phone a lot more secure.

The Android smart phone works on the lollipop version that is the Android 5.1 version. This is the first smart phone gadget which has been released with its own operating system. The device operates on dual sim feature. The processor is a 64 bit one by the QUALCOMM snapdragon. Its processor is the fastest processor that is used in the market. Also read, OnePlus 2 Mobile Specifications, Features & Price.

The OnePlus 2 smart phone has a back camera of 13 mega pixels which has a sensor of 1.3 micron. The camera can autofocus the objects near it has a double LED flash that makes pictures in the dark come nice. Here is a feature that stabilizes the images automatically. The phone also has a front camera of 5 mega pixels that helps you get good selfies and chat online on Skype.

OnePlus X to soon hit the market

The company has also stated that a new version of the phone will also be released. The OnePlus X which will have a smaller screen will be available and release soon across countries without any invites. Although there is news that the invite free system of the phone has not yet been put into action in a few countries including India, there are possibilities that it will be implemented. The declaration is yet to be made.

The OnePlus 2, 16GB variant smart phone is a perfect phone at a reasonable price. Have a look at the phone on Amazon; add it to your cart if you like it.

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