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OnePlus Devices Not Supporting Project Treble

Nov 22, 2017

OnePlus made an announcement on the OnePlus Forum that essentially confirmed it would not be supporting Project Treble. If you have not heard about Project Treble before, it is a new feature coming with Android Oreo. It will allow the manufacturers to get the Android system updates out much quicker. Project Treble allows the manufacturers to get the update out before the chip partners even support the newest update. We have all of the latest news about OnePlus choosing not to be a part of this program.

OnePlus Android Devices Not Supporting Project Treble

From what OnePlus just said on the forum, none of the OnePlus devices will be supporting Project Treble. This includes the newest OnePlus devices such as a the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. The OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T also are not going to support project Treble. The lack of support for these very popular devices will happen even if the OnePlus device has been upgraded to Android Oreo. That is definitely bad news since Project Treble is a huge part of the Android Oreo update. We have told you before about how slow the Android smartphone manufacturers are about getting the operating system updates pushed out.

It appeared from early announcements about Project Treble that all Android Oreo devices would be supporting this new feature. Judging by the announcement from this manufacturer, it seems that not all of the device manufacturers will be supporting Project Treble. The only guaranteed devices that will support Project Treble are those devices that are shipping out with Android Oreo. When you look at the newest 5T, which is the newest smartphone, it ships out with Android Nougat. So all of those smartphones that are shipping with anything under Android Oreo might not be supporting Project Treble.

OnePlus Not Supporting Project Treble Even on Newest Devices

While it is not the end of the world that OnePlus is not going to support Project Treble, it is definitely disappointing. That is because Google is trying to make Android a more consistent platform across the board. Part of doing this includes getting the updates, especially operating system updates, out much quicker to all devices. That is the main goal of the Project Treble feature on Android Oreo.

It was also hopeful all smartphone manufacturers would take advantage of this offering. The company does have a history of shipping out the newest devices with the previous Android operating system. In that regard, this news about not supporting Project Treble should not be surprising. Even though it might not be completely surprising, it is still disappointing to say the least.

The odd thing is that the Essential Phone and even first-generation Pixel devices will support Project Treble. That is going to happen even on the devices that shipped out with Android Nougat. This tells us that it is possible for these devices to add the Project Treble support. It also tells us that the company as a whole just might not care about the user having the newest Android operating system release.

We hope that more Android manufacturers will support Project Treble. Having the newest operating system is a huge benefit, with the biggest being you are more secure on the newest system. Google often pushes out important security updates in the new operating system upgrade, which lessens the risk of you being a victim of malware or hacking attempts.