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OpenIV Shutdown Leads To Negative GTA V Steam Reviews

Jun 18, 2017

Take-Two Interactive recently shutdown OpenIV, which is one of the most popular modding tools that people use in Grand Theft Auto. The fact that OpenIV was shutdown has caused some uproar among the gaming community, specifically angering those on Steam. This anger has led to people leaving massive amounts of negative reviews for Grand Theft Auto V on Steam. If you have a Steam account or you love Grand Theft Auto, read on to learn more about the anger and uproar over OpenIV being shutdown.

OpenIV Shutdown Creates Thousands of Negative Steam Reviews of GTA V

If you have been playing Grand Theft Auto on Steam for any length of time, you probably have heard about OpenIV. This is one of the most highly-regarded modding tools out there for Grand Theft Auto, and lately it was a very popular modification tool for Grand Theft Auto V on Steam. There has been a lot of fallout ever since Take-Two Interactive decided to shutdown OpenIV.

The fallout from this decision has been swift and pretty negative, especially if you have checked the Steam Store lately. The Steam Store has been flooded with negative reviews of Grand Theft Auto V ever since the OpenIV modding tool was removed.

In fact, the Rockstar game that has had huge success on Steam is seeing a lot of horrible reviews in ways that we have not seen on other games. When you look at Grand Theft Auto V, the game has had nearly all positive reviews since it was released on Steam. The sandbox action game has severely been impacted by the shut down of OpenIV, especially within the past week. Breaking down the data, there has been over 23,000 reviews of Grand Theft Auto V in the past 30 days.

Out of the 23,000 reviews of the game on Steam, only 21 percent of those reviews have been positive. If you are not into math, that is less than 5,000 positive reviews on 23,000 all together. The game now has a score of “Mostly Negative” and it is in the red in the review section. Even those reviews that were labeled the “Most Helpful” have been hammered with these negative reviews and thumbs-down.

OpenIV Shut Down Wreaks Havoc on Steam GTA V Reviews

There are a lot of fans of the mods that play Grand Theft Auto V on Steam, and those people who are fans are trying to voice their anger and views on the topic. In fact, a Change.org petition has been launched, which is said to be delivered to both Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games.

There are over 20,000 signatures on this petition already, and that number is only expected to grow in the coming week. The petition basically states that with the shut down of OpenIV, there are thousands of epople who cannot access the program to do modifications to Grand Theft Auto V. It then goes onto say that this is a hobby for a lot of people, and the shutdown of the tool leaves people without their hobby.

What the petition goes onto state includes how people of the modding community want OpenIV to be opened back up and be allowed to continue to run as modification software. Rockstar Games said in the past that the modifications were legal, and the petition ends with a plea that the modification be deemed to be legal once again. This petition in part was created by the members of LSPDFR.

This is basically the modification for Grand Theft Auto V that turns the game into more of a law enforcement simulation. It actually is pretty cool because with LSPDFR, you can stop people for traffic infractions and you can enforce the various laws depending on how you see the laws. You also can go on high speed pursuits in this law enforcement modification version of Grand Theft Auto V.

What’s Next for Fans of OpenIV?

Beyond all of this, a lot of people still believe that even without OpenIV, people will find ways to get modifications for Grand Theft Auto V. While this news is horrible for the creative community out there who thinks of modding as their hobby, there is always a new group of people willing to step up when something like this happens.

People who do modifications, just like with most other things, will find a way to continue what they do, regardless of the ramifications or legality of it. The old saying goes “if there is a will, there is a way.” So for Steam and Grand Theft Auto V, look for a new way of modding the game to appear within the next few weeks as the creative minds are always looking for a new challenge.