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Opera Max Discontinued & No Longer Available on Google Play Store

Aug 14, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be upset to learn that Opera Max is being discontinued by Opera. Opera Max is one of the many browsers for Android developed by the Norwegian company Opera, and has well over 50 million users. Read on to learn all about Opera deciding to end Opera Max and what this means for users of the browser.

Opera Max Discontinued by Opera

It is definitely a sad day since Opera has announced that Opera Max has been discontinued. This means that Opera Max is no longer available for download on Google Play Store. Opera Max first launched back in 2014, with it quickly getting over 50 million users and earning a title as one of the best browsers for Android. Opera Max was a browser that allowed you to lessen your data usage on your Android device and allowed you to manage that data usage.

Opera did not say why the company has decided to discontinue Opera Max. The company has only said that it has been removed from Google Play Store. The thought is that Opera wants to focus on other services and apps. Opera Max took a lot of the resources away from other products and projects that the company likely wants to focus on. Opera said that the value proposition of Opera Max is different than that of the other browser apps that the company has out right now for Android.

Opera said that it was to focus on upcoming services and other browsers that the company has out now. There are multiple versions available for many platforms including iOS and Android, along with the PC. We are definitely interested in seeing Opera come out with even better more high-performing browsers for the multiple platforms.

Opera Max Removed from Google Play Store

The only good news is that if you have this high-performance browser on your Android device, it is still usable. It is usable for people until Opera officially pulls the plug on Opera Max. Once the developer decides that the entire operation will stop, the server-side support will also be terminated. The users of this particular browser will be made aware of when the server-side support will be pulled before it happens. It is likely to happen pretty soon however, which really is bad news for people who rely on Opera Max.

We are also to believe that you will still be able to use Opera Max if you have it installed on your Android device. The issue is that it will not be getting any updates or new features, which then will make it vulnerable and prone to problems. Knowing how vulnerable that the Android system is overall, it would not be a good idea to leave something as important as your browser open to these security issues. Opera has not said whether the app will still be functional after the server-side support is stopped, so it looks like we will have to wait and see for official verification by Opera.

There are a lot of other browsers available for Android beyond this one, but millions loved Max due to how well it performed and how few resources it used. The regular Opera browser is still available on Android though, so you will still be able to get the main browser through Google Play Store. We are anxious to see what other new services and products are going to be coming, since Opera appears ready to focus on new and innovative products. For now, you can continue to enjoy this browser, although it will not be around too much longer. If you did not download this browser before, it looks like you will be out of luck since it is now officially off of Google Play Store.