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Opera Mini new update features Video Boost to save data

Mar 9, 2016

To cut the data consumption of the users Opera Mini for Android browser application has been updated. And among all the various features, the Video Boost feature is the highlight of the latest update. This feature will help the users to “see less of the video-buffering wheel.” As this cuts down the data consumption by reducing the size of video data, it also cuts down buffering and loading time while viewing a video over mobile data.Opera Mini new update features Video Boost to save data

You can work this out by selecting the video boost option under the Data Savings mode below Wi-Fi data savings. This will ensure that now it is activated on your mobile phone. This feature also gives a count of how many videos have been optimized so that the users can keep track of it.

Opera Mini new update features Video Boost to save data

Few other features includes ‘Save to SD card’ which supports only in Android 4.4.4 KitKat or a more updated OS versions, high data-savings mode, it gives options to shrink a photo before uploading on web, it has improved fast scrolling and changes colour of status bar automatically. You can now download the updated version of Opera Mini from the Google Play store.

Vice President – South Asia & South East Asia at Opera, Sunil Kamath said “In India alone, 70 percent of smartphone user’s stream video on their phones. Unfortunately, this eats up data plans quickly, and stalled videos waste time and create frustration. Opera Mini for Android comes to the rescue with video boost. It works to make the video sizes smaller serving up slimmer mobile videos and keeping data plans in check. If you love to watch videos on your Android device, but hate getting surprises on your data bill, it’s time to switch browsers.”

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If you are wondering how to enable this feature on your phone then here are the steps explained how to enable it on your smartphones after updating the app:

1. In the app settings menu tap on the savings summary.

2. After this to enable smoother viewing you can check the box next to Video Boost.

3. Then you are all set to enjoy the new features if this app.

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