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Opera Mini Update Released for iOS

Sep 5, 2017

Did you hear the exciting news about the super quick browser Opera Mini? There is a new version that was just released for iOS. In the new Opera Mini iOS update, there is a news feed that is now powered by artificial intelligence. We have all of the latest news about the Opera Mini iOS update so read on to learn more about the exciting new features coming with this mobile browser.

Opera Mini for iOS Brings Artificial Intelligence

We have some good news for you if you have the Opera Mini iOS browser because it was just updated. The new update brings a news feed that is powered by artificial intelligence. This news feed powered by the artificial intelligence is part of the redesigned user interface.

The company, Opera Software, said that this news feed is four times quicker than the previous one. The Opera Mini artificial intelligence powered news feed uses what is known as GBDT. GBDT is gradient boosting decision trees, which is a type of algorithm that uses machine learning and deep neural network learning.

Opera Mini Update Details

The Opera Mini artificial intelligence powered news feed is available in English as well as Indian, Hindi, Tamil, and Gujarati. Opera released a statement after the Opera Mini iOS update, which said that there will be a user profile that is made for each person. You will have to engage with the news content in order for this unique profile to be made.

The news engine will then look at your interests, which is in part done by the deep neural network learning. This means that the more you utilize and engage with the news feed, the more appropriate and related stories you will see.

This is going to be a great choice for those who are interested in more personalized news content. You will notice the personalized content in the “For You” section of the news feed. The “For You” section has been updated to reflect the new artificial intelligence component, and it looks a lot more visually appealing than before.

Opera Mini iOS Update Adds Personalized Content

The best part about the Opera Mini iOS update is that it adds personalized content to your news feed. You will be able to see news stories that fit your needs and your unique interests. This is something that evolves as you begin to find new interests and hobbies.

You will be able to set your location so that you can also choose local stories or international stories. There is also an option to set categories as well and also it will show you a lot of different news sources. This new Opera Mini iOS update with the artificial intelligence news feed is also now available in many other countries.

The new feature is now available in South Africa, United States, Kenya, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania. The new feature will be soon rolling out to other countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Russia. This is great news because the artificial intelligence powered news adds a new layer of education and information.

Why the Opera Mini iOS Update with AI Matters To You

The new news feed will give you a lot of unique perspectives and options. You will be able to choose which types of news sources and stories you would like to see more of. More good news is that if you like sports for example, you can select to have all of the sports news content delivered to you.

With the Opera Mini iOS update, you will also have the ability to set locations, which is great if you have family all over the world. You will be able to stay connected to them through the news. This allows you to maintain both professional and personal relationships since you have the ability to see what is going on regardless of location.

If you have Opera Mini on your iOS device, you should be seeing the update rolling out right now. You can head to Apple’s App Store to download the updated version if you do not have this app already. Do not worry if you do not see the update on your iOS device yet since it could take a day or two before the update appears.