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Opera Touch Finally Released for iOS

Oct 7, 2018

We have great news if you are looking for another iOS browser to try out because Opera Touch was just released this week for iOS. It was back in April that Opera Touch launched onto Google Play Store, and we have been patiently waiting for the iOS release. Safari is the default browser you will find on iOS, and it is now getting some competition due to Opera Touch. We have all of the latest details about the new Opera Touch iOS release, so keep reading to learn more.

Opera Touch Released to iOS to Challenge Safari

It is good news that Opera Touch has finally been released to iOS, since this will give Safari a little bit more competition in the browser department. If you have tried out the Opera Touch browser on Android already, you will notice nothing has really changed on the iOS version. In fact, the iOS version is the same as the Android version, which is good continuity across the various mobile platforms. If you download Opera Touch from Apple’s App Store right now, you will be able to experience everything Opera has to offer.

Loading up the Opera Touch browser will start you in search mode, and then you will notice the cursor for the address bar begins to blink. The keyboard will also automatically pop-up, which is great since the entire browser begins in the search mode. This allows you to quickly begin searching for items you want to look up.

You also can quickly input the URL for the website that you want to visit. At the bottom of the app screen, you will find all of the core elements for the user interface. A “Fast Action” button is right in the middle of the Opera Touch screen. “Fast Action” gives you all of the core functions, such as going back to your recent searches or tabs.

Opera Touch Changing the Status Quo on iOS

Opera said that Opera Touch will be changing up the status quo on iOS, and the company certainly built the browser with that in mind. One really cool thing about Opera Touch is that it has end-to-end encryption. That is a great feature for people concerned about privacy.

Flow technology is also part of this browser, which means you can share your content between your iOS device and your PC. You can share things such as videos, notes, images, and links using this Flow technology. Barcodes and QR codes are used to help share this content. If you go between your iOS device and your PC often, then you will love the Flow technology used in Opera Touch.

There are other exciting features that you will find in Opera Touch, including crypto-jacking protections. Beyond that, an advertisement blocker is also built into the iOS browser, which is great news. This means you will no longer have to worry about getting annoying advertisements on your iOS device if you use the Opera Touch browser.

Built-in advertisement blocking is a must-have feature these days, since advertisements on mobile are harder to get rid of. Another cool aspect of Opera Touch is that the browser and end-to-end encryption all works independently from the manufacturers and the operating systems.

Opera Touch for iOS Available Right Now in App Store

We are super happy that Opera Touch has finally been released for iOS, especially since the new iPhones have just launched. The iPhone XS Max and XS just launched, and we were hoping a new browser would give Safari some competition. When it comes to some of the issues people have browsing on mobile, there are quite a few.

Opera said the company hopes to eliminate those issues with this browser. You can check out the new Touch browser right now by heading to Apple’s App Store. This app is free to download so it is definitely worth checking out if you want a browser with end-to-end encryption, plus many added features to make browsing on iOS a more enjoyable experience.

If you have downloaded the new Touch browser already onto your iOS device, want to hear what you think about it. Do you like the end-to-end encryption that comes with this browser and is this something you wish more browsers had as a feature? Were you a previous user of the regular Opera browser, which was discontinued a while back?

If you have been using another browser on iOS besides Safari, what other browser did you use and do you recommend it to other people? We want to hear what your thoughts are on Touch overall and whether or not you will be using it to surf on your iOS device.