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Optional Bing Search Button Removal Part of SwiftKey Android Update

Jan 25, 2019

There is a new SwiftKey Android update rolling out right now that allows you to remove the bing search button. This is one of a few changes that are part of the new SwiftKey Android update, which is live now in Google Play Store. As you might know, SwiftKey has been making a lot of changes lately on both the iOS and Android platforms. This new update for Android is finally rolling out this week and we have all of the latest details below.

Removal of Bing Search Button Included in SwiftKey Android Update

If you check out the new SwiftKey Android update rolling out right now, the biggest change you will notice is with the Bing search button, You now have the option to customize the Bing search button, which can mean a lot of different things. With the new update for Android, you can either choose to disable the Bing search altogether.

You also can simply move it to another location on the toolbar. The newest SwiftKey Android update is version and it is rolling out via the stable channel right now. It started to roll out last week, but most people will see the roll out happening this week.

Back in November 2018, SwiftKey began the Bing search integration within the app. If you clicked on the “+” icon on the left part of the keyboard, you could bring up the search bar powered by Bing. That is where you would need to go in order to see the search results. When this integration happened, there were tons of issues going on. One issue was that it was not able to be moved when it first appeared on SwiftKey. We did not like how the search bar was fixated in that area and unable to be moved, and this created issues for many people.

There are a ton of people out there who enjoy the minimalist design, so being unable to move the search button was definitely bad news. That is why this update is so nice, because you can finally move that search button to anywhere you want. If you do not like it at all, then you now have the option to remove it altogether. The ability to customize where the Bing search bar is will be very helpful to people who want to have a more simple design within SwiftKey.

SwiftKey Android Update Brings Speed Improvements & Bing Search Removal

While the Bing search removal might be the biggest change in the SwiftKey Android update, there are other changes in this new version as well. One of the other changes is that the app loading time is now 20 percent quicker than other keyboard apps. If you have restarted your device, you will also notice the keyboard loads twice as fast as it used to before this update.

Another change that SwiftKey claims is that this update reduces lag by about 50 percent. The lag reduction can be seen on both newer Android devices and older Android devices. Speed improvements are definitely something we enjoy seeing in SwiftKey, especially since it did have some lag issues previously. We have updated to the newest SwiftKey Android update and did notice a pretty big improvement when it came to speed and overall performance.

SwiftKey Android Update Includes Arabic Language Layout Changes Along with Bing Search Removal

The SwiftKey Android update that is live now also has some layout changes and fixes. These changes are associated with the Arabic language layout. We also are seeing that you can now use the arrow keys in the text field. That is another added bonus we were hoping to see eventually in the app.

So not only do you have the option to remove the Bing search, but you have Arabic language layout fixes. Along with that, you have speed improvements, and so much more in this update. We really love how you can use the arrow keys in the text field. Another thing we really love is how much easier this makes using the keyboard overall.

Beyond that, did you know that the installation size of SwiftKey for Android is the smallest of all Android keyboard apps? That is great news for people on lower-end Android devices. These people often times do not have a ton of room to store apps on their device. There were a lot of changes in the latest update, which happened over the course of several months.

How You can Get New Android SwiftKey Update with Bing Search Removal

The team behind the SwiftKey Android app did in-house testing in three different stages to ensure the app changes worked as they should. There was also a ton of monitoring of the app to assess overall app performance. You can now find the SwiftKey Android update live right now in Google Play Store. If the app is already on your device, you should see the update rolling out this week if you have not already.