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Oval Money Financial App Hits Android

Nov 9, 2017

We have some good news if you are looking for a new financial app as Oval Money has finally landed on Android. This is is now available on Google Play Store after launching back in April on iOS. On iOS, it has become one of the most popular financial apps out there. This app is great because it tells you how you can manage money and save your money. If you are on an Android device, read on to learn about this app landing on Android and how it can help you.

Oval Money Finance Education App Comes to Android

The super popular financial app Oval Money has finally landed on Google Play Store. This comes several months after the app launched on iOS and quickly become one of the top apps on Apple’s App Store. Even though the iOS version of Oval Money became popular very quickly, people were clamoring for the Android version.

That is likely because Android is the biggest operating system and also the biggest mobile market outside of America. Countries like Italy, Spain, UK, and Germany, all wanted Oval Money to get to Android so that they also could enjoy this finance education app. Due to the high demand for the Android version, the release of it came sooner than initially expected.

CEO of Oval Money, Benedetta Arese Lucini, said that over 5,000 people have joined the waitlist for the Android version of the app. There were requests for the app directly too, which often came from someone seeing the app in action on iOS. The more people saw the app on iOS, the more people wanted the app on Android so they too could use it. Word of mouth really has helped Oval Money in the past several months since it launched on iOS back in April. The Android community was loud about wanting the Oval Money app quickly, and that is why the company accelerated the development and release.

Oval Money Financial App Released to Android

The closed-beta of Oval Money just ended recently on Android, with more than 150 hand-selected people joining this special beta. If you download Oval Money, you will quickly and nearly immediately begin seeing the difference in terms of your saving habits.

Those that use Oval Money have ended up putting away a lot more money per month than those that do not use the app. There is also Facebook integration with Oval Money. This is great because it allows you to put money into your own savings account each time you post on the social network. Using Facebook integration and making it a way to save money means you will save even more money than you might otherwise.

The COO also expressed a desire to see the feedback from the Android community. COO Claudio Bedino, specifically talked about how Android users are known for being engaged in apps and in the process of developing apps. She said that she hopes people will provide feedback so the company can make the Android app even better for those that use it.

More Oval Money App Details & New Campaign

We know that if you download Oval Money on Android, you will enjoy it for the amazing financial app that it is. Just read what the iOS community is saying about the app, and then decide for yourself on whether this is the best financial app for you.

Even better, Oval Money is going to do a Crowdfunding campaign aimed at offering more services and products for people. The marketplace that the company wants to provide will help arrange these financial services. Between the iOS app being a huge success and the Android app likely going to be very successful, it seems the company might really be looking at a promising future. Since people know about how good the iOS app is, they will be more likely to join in the crowdfunding campaign in the hopes that more financial education services will be offered.