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Palm Making a Mini Android Phone Companion

Oct 22, 2018

Palm has decided to get back into the phone game with an annoucement this week of a new mini Android phone companion. This mini phone is going to be sold by Verizon and has a release date of November. The nifty little phone is going to do what Palm is known for doing, which is bring you a phone that can fit right into your palm. Read on to learn more abotu the new Palm mini Android phone companion that is about to hit Verizon within weeks.

Palm Mini Android Phone Companion Coming in November

We do not have very long to wait for this exciting new product to be released from Palm. The company announced that this Mini Android phone is going to be coming in November. It will be sold through Verizon and it is important to know what this companion phone is. A companion phone is not meant to take the place of your regular Android device. Palm said that this Android companion phone is going to be more of a secondary phone option for you.

If you are still not clear on what this phone is, it comes with a small 3.3-inch HD screen. It is a very small phone meant to fit into the palm of your hand. You can put this companion phone into your pocket, since it will fit even into smaller shirt or pants pockets.

It is essentially a compact version of your regular Android smartphone. This phone comes with almost all features of regular Android phones, including access to a small camera. You will be able to put your Android apps on this Palm Mini Android phone companion too. If you want to text or call someone, that is also something you can do with this device.

Palm Releasing Mini Android Phone Companion with Full Features & Specifications

Speaking more about the Mini Android phone companion itself, Palm said that this phone will have an 8MP front camera and a 12 MP rear camera. It will have 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, and it comes with a Snapdragon 435 processor. This device is also going to be dust and water resistant and has IP68, along with GPS, facial recognition, and even Google Assistant abilities. It will run on Android 8.1 Oreo, which is one of the newest Android operating systems out right now.

This phone itself has full features and specifications like you would find on any regular-sized Android phone. The only difference here is that this is a small Android phone meant to act as a secondary phone. You might think that you do not need a secondary device, but in certain situations one would come in handy. If you do not want to carry around your heavy normal Android phone, just grab this phone and stuff it into your pocket.

It is a way you can disconnect without actually being disconnected from your emails, phone calls, texts, and more. You can just use NumberSync with Verizon to get your existing phone number on this device. If you are in a situation where you do not want your expensive Android phone to get ruined, then this is a great device to grab to take with you. The phone itself will come in either Black-Gold or Black-Titanium, so you are limited on the color choices for this device.

Is the New Palm Mini Android Phone Companion Something You Would Buy?

As for the price of the new Palm Mini Android phone companion, it is not really that cheap. It will cost you $350 and you need to be with Verizon in order to get this Palm device. You really could not use this as a primary phone due to the specifications it lacks to become a serious all-day phone for your work or personal life.

This is meant to be an addition, such as what the Palm Pilot itself was, but with the abilities of any Android device. If you are on the beach or going to the gym, you could just grab this phone to keep you updated instead of your big Android device. It is small, can take pictures, is weather-resistant, and can do all basic things a regular Android phone can do.

We want to know in the comments below whether or not you might be getting the new Palm Mini Android phone companion. Is this a device you could see yourself using regularly when you are out and about? Do you like that this is a Verizon-only offer or does that exclude you from getting this product? If you have had Palm devices in the past, we want to know what you thought about the quality of them. Do you think this companion phone will put Palm back into the phone business or do you think this simply will fail with the $350 price tag?