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Panasonic Eluga Arc Review

Jul 7, 2016

Panasonic Eluga Arc Review: Earlier this year, Panasonic launched the Eluga Arc with the price tag of Rs. 12,490. When it comes to security this phone does have does have a bit to offer, thanks to its fingerprint sensor. There is also a fact that it looks interesting, let’s find out in our review.Panasonic Eluga Arc Looks

Panasonic Eluga Arc Review

Look and Feel:

The biggest draw of Eluga Arc’s is its design and we quite like it. The general aesthetic and the front glass curves off at the edges is based on the rounded edges. This itself gives it a stylish and sophisticated look, but there is more to it. The phone does not have the metal build and it does boast of the plastic unibody that is very nearly fooled us into thinking it is metal because of its feel and finish.Panasonic Eluga Arc Sim Slot

The Eluga Arc has a 4.7-inch screen and that keeps the overall size of the smartphone down to something that is very easy to grip and hold. At the top right the volume and power button are placed by making it to particularly use this phone. On the left side it has the SIM tray, the bottom has the Micro-USB port and 3.5mm socket and IR emitter are at the top.Panasonic Eluga Arc Review

At the back of the phone there is single speaker, flash, fingerprint sensor and camera. It is always active while the device is switched is on and you can directly unlock the smartphone from standby as a result. The slightly depressed placement of the sensor makes it easy to find and use and it can also read up to five stored fingerprints. But it is not very quick.Panasonic Eluga Arc Jack

The screen of the Eluga Arc is 720/1280 pixel IPS LCD affair, with the pixel density of 312 ppi. It is neither very sharp nor very bright. The colour tone is a bit odd and bit strange. So if you are looking at using your smartphone for a lot of videos and games then Eluga Arc may not be the best option.

Specifications and Software:

As it sells for around Rs. 11,000, the Panasonic Eluga Arc has the specifications list that has more commonly seen on the smartphones that cost much less. The device is powered by 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 SoC, RAM of 2GB, internal storage of 16GB and a 1800mAH battery.Panasonic Eluga Arc Design

This dual-SIM smartphone is 4G capable on its primary SIM slot. It also comes with the support for Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio, Wi-Fi b/g/n, USB OTG. The charger is included in the box with a basic 5W unit and that is inadequate despite the low battery capacity.

With the custom interface on the top the smartphone runs on Android 5.1. There are two launchers to use i.e. Fit Home and Lollipop Launcher. Settings are basic that will allow you only the most minimal level of control over your smartphone. Beyond the basic use and setup, there is not much you can do to customize the device to your personal preferences.Panasonic Eluga Arc Camera

On the Android keyboard the Eluga Arc uses Swiftkey as its default input system, along with the WPS Office for editing and reading documents. There is also a fair amount of the bloatware that is pre-installed on the device. About 11GB of the internal storage is only usable, so you will need a microSD card.

Camera and Performance:

The Eluga Arc has a primary camera of 8-megapixel and secondary camera of 5-megapixel. Both of them are capable of recording video up to 1080p resolution.

With dull colours and not a lot of detail the camera itself takes pictures that are average. Images appear out of focus, lacking detail and hazy. At this level the grain and noise are more visible. Low light shot is worst that we have seen on a phone at this price level.Panasonic Eluga Arc Captured Img

Performance is the another area where the Panasonic Eluga Arc is very disappointing. The phone crashed regularly during our time with the device. If the phone is not crashing, then it was still unpleasant and sluggish to use. Navigating around the interface, unlocking the phone, browsing the Internet and running apps are all slow and frustrating. Although, the call quality was acceptable.


  • Accurate fingerprint sensor
  • Good looks and build quality


  • Camera performance is sub-par
  • Too expensive
  • Poor performance and frequent crashes
  • Average battery life
  • Screen colours are unrealistic