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Pandemic: The Board Game Released on Android and iOS

Sep 23, 2015

Pandemic: The Board Game originally started as a physical board game, where you did not compete against other players, but rather worked together against the board game itself. This made Pandemic a very successful board game, because it had done things that other board games never done before, which is implementing team work and making the game itself the enemy of all mankind.

Due to the popularity of the original board game, Pandemic: The Board Game is now also available on Android and iOS devices. In the mobile game, a deadly disease is spreading itself over the world, and you and up to three other players need to take on a specialty role, in order to fight against the deadly virus and save all of mankind from extinction. The game has been developed and released by F2Z Entertainment and costs $6,99.

What is Pandemic: The Board Game all about?


In Pandemic: The Board Game, you play as a skilled member of a disease-fighting team and your mission is to keep four deadly diseases under control, while you are working to find cures for them. In order to find cures, you need to travel around the world, treat infected people and experiment with different kinds of drugs.

It is also important that you work as a team in Pandemic: The Board Game. There are a total of four roles, and each player has a unique role with different abilities. When it is your turn, you are able to choose one of the four available actions, in order to be able to get rid of the deadly virus and save the entire world.

You can fly around to world to another city that is in need of help, remove disease cubes from the board, trade specialty cards with your team members and many more things.

At the end of everyone’s turn, the deadly virus spreads around more and infects new cities with disease cubes, which can cause epidemics. You must work as a team in order to stop the spread and the only way to win in Pandemic: The Board Game, is by curing all four of the diseases before you run out of time.

Is Pandemic: The Board Game worth the $6,99 price tag?


Pandemic: The Board Game is basically the same game compared to its physical release in 2008, which has also won a couple of awards for being the best board game to date. Right now, Pandemic: The Board Game has a price tag of $6,99, which can be pretty hefty for a lot of people who cannot afford to spend money on mobile games.

However, even if the game won awards in the past, it still kept on improving before it got released on Android and iOS devices. The game supports up to four real players, but can also be played by yourself, if you are willing to play multiple roles at once. Pandemic: The Board Game also has three difficulty levels, which are great for beginners, intermediate players and experts of the original board game.

In Pandemic: The Board Game, you also do not start without help. There is a very nicely build tutorial at the beginning of the gameplay, which teaches you all of the basics of the game and how to properly cure all of the diseases. There is also a Info Mode in the game, which will give you tips and reminders while you are playing the game.

The game has very nice graphics and an animated interface, which gives a clear indication of the game’s progress and hotspots. Pandemic: The Board Game is also designed and tested for ease-of-use, allowing you to play the game in landscape or portrait orientations.

I believe that F2Z Entertainment has done a very nice job with Pandemic: The Board Game, making it feel like you are playing the original board game. The $6,99 price tag is definitely justified and worth it, when you see how much time and effort the developers have put into developing and designing the game.

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