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    Paradise Bay Cheats & Tips Guide

    Feb 9, 2017

    Imagine stumbling upon an ancient island where there were once mystical powers and this place being described has the potential to be reconstructed to bring it to the height it once reached as a powerful bay! A place where travelers, explorers, and friends can escape and create their own paradise, would you want to join a place like that? Well reader, you have just stumbled across the right article because in this article we shall be discussing the IOS game called Paradise Bay. Paradise Bay is a game where players will try to rebuild the civilization that once held magical powers and along the way the player will make friends that will help them to create the grand island that once was.

    How to Play Paradise Bay & Gameplay

    Basically like most other simulator, role playing, and strategy games this game is purely touching the screen to move the camera around the area to check on everything you have created. Players in this game can click on other characters, zoom in, move objects, or touch the buttons on the interface. Besides this there are no other complicated actions that a player will need to perform this game is really straightforward and lets the player get right to playing instead of having them spend countless hours trying to learn some new controls.

    The way this game starts off is that players land on this remote island and meet the island’s main, cheerful, and helpful inhabitant, Keani. She guides players through all the basic controls and actions so that the game can start their adventure. Players can can decorate the island to their liking, complete missions, or collect resources to advance the game at their pace.

    The Construction/ Crafting Buildings

    In this game, there are a few basic buildings/areas that the player constantly uses throughout the game that collect resources, build friendships, or craft special items that the player should know how to use to advance in the game.


    The Island Workshop: The island workshop is where players will build their fishing nets and backpacks using mostly cotton these items really help with collecting resources mostly or help other characters in completing tasks.

    The Weaver: the weaver is for string, thread or hay and once again this requires mostly cotton and most of these will be used on the daily bulletin board tasks or for missions like when Finn needs to escape from the branch.

    Woodshop: The woodshop is used mostly for creating planks or barrels and the barrels are really important for shipping of goods to other players but the planks will mainly serve for completing bulletin board missions and making simple items.

    The Grill: What kind of island can sustain life if they do not have a source of food? This is pretty straightforward using the fish caught from the sea players can cook meals for the other characters who will usually request it as a main storyline mission or just a random mission on the bulletin board.

    The Trade Post aka the bulletin board: The trade post is the most important place in the game. This is where players will complete missions to earn gold and experience points. Besides this there will also be extra goodies for pleasing the island’s inhabitants by finishing their tasks.

    The Tiki Bar: Sometimes the islanders will get thirsty and the tiki bar will help quench the thirst with pineapple juice or coconut milk with fresh grown fruit to satisfy their needs.

    Wesley’s Exports: Wesley’s exports is where players can sell their goods that they have grown or created to actual other players for the price they set. There are a certain amount of barrels that the player can sell items on but more can be unlocked and players will have to wait until someone buys from their barrels to start selling more items again.

    The Seal House: The Seal house is where players can dive for treasure around the island with the seal, this is unlocked later on in the game.

    The World Market: As I mentioned before players can sell items from Wesley’s exports to other players actually playing online, but what if you want to buy items for a good price? Well once unlocked, the world market is where players can find all the good people are selling around the price for fair and negotiable prices.

    The Mysterious Cave: This mystical cave of wonders holds many secrets to this game and I would rather leave it up to you to find out what is in it so I will not spoil this building.

    The Bazaar: The Bazaar is where players can buy wonderful recipes and beautiful decorations for the island.

    Besides these there are a huge amount of other construction buildings that can be built later on like the blacksmith or Island outfitters but I will let those who play and get to those high enough levels find out what other buildings are there.

    Resource Buildings

    These buildings are pretty self explanatory; each building collects resources that are necessary to advance in the game and complete missions. Some of the basic resource buildings include.

    The Field: The field is where players grow their crops like cotton, pineapples ( I did not know that fruit now grows from the ground haha) and other items to make food and drink or craft items.

    The Turtles: These loveable animals are very important to getting food in the game. Once they are given a net they can go underwater and hunt for fish (killer turtles) so that players can complete missions or cook food at the grill.

    The Mole: the mole has the ability to go down into the Earth and recover iron ore for players to smelt in the blacksmith to create new items.

    The Otter: This loveable sea animal will go out into the sea and collect sea glass for players to use in crafts.

    The Sloth: the laziest animal on the planet, it just sits in a tree on the island.

    As mentioned before there are many other items that can be unlocked (the max level is 45 so there is a bunch of content) but I will not spoil this so that those who enjoy the game will be excited to see what they unlock in the later parts of the game.


    How to Get Free Gems & Coins in Paradise Bay

    There are two forms of currency in this game, one is essential which are the coins and the other the gems are more for speeding up processes. Coins are earned by completing missions on the trade post or by selling items in Wesley’s Exports. While gems on the other hand are a little bit harder to gain in this game and must be used wisely. Gems can be earned by collecting the treasure chests around the island. These treasure chests are dropped when players feel the love/happiness meter on certains characters by completing their missions on the trade post board. Sometimes these chests are also dropped randomly on the island so keep an eye out for easy gems and coins in these chests.

    Probably the easiest way to gain gems in this game is to complete the achievements. Located in the top right corner of the screen there is an achievements menu where players can complete personal tasks to earn easy gems fast. The best tip I have for coins would have to be to use them on resource collectors like turtles, fields, otters, etc. because these will help players gain more resources and they will be able to complete more missions on the trade post resulting in more coins earned.

    There is one thing to look out for when using gems, sometimes the trade post charges more than the actual resource costs to get it from the construction building so make sure you are not losing valuable gems because of the game. And last if players are waiting for something to finish up they can actually wait until the last 30 seconds and then rush the building of whatever because the game will not charge any gems for rushing at that point.

    How to Level Up Quickly in Paradise Bay

    The simplest way to level up fast in this game is to complete as many missions as possible. Completing missions are pretty simple if you have the resources available so this should not be a problem. Also if you want to speed up the process very quickly use gems on missions that do not require that many gems but give a ton of xp because I have had times where using only 3 gems gives me 70 experience points. A pro tip I would give players is to always have cotton growing when you are on the game on all of the fields possible. This is because cotton grows relatively fast and can get a huge amount of experience points when players are planting it on many fields on the island.

    Always have every building making something because every resource is a win for the player and every resource collected also gives experience points so why wait to build something later on when you need it when you can just have many more ready than before. The last tip I would have about leveling up quickly is that when players know they are going to get off for a while I would start the constructions, hunting, growing, etc. of really long processes because when the players get back they will get a lot more experience points since those processes take way longer and they are worth more on the trade post board.

    Another huge important tip is to never trade away the pearls that players get from the turtles because those will come in handy with making recipes in the bazaar later on in the game. Also, always look for the best prices on the world market to buy and sell to gain tons of profit. Another tip is to upgrade the dock as soon as possible because this will allow more characters to come to your island and offer goods that are really important to advancing in the game. The last tip is not really a tip but rather a cheat that works for some but is not guaranteed but if you want to cheat that is your decision.

    Players can speed up the game by changing the clock on their devices so that when they skip ahead all of there stuff that was constructing will be finished. I used to do this for my old account and sometimes it did not work but it depends but I am not sure anymore if it works because that was quite a while ago. Follow all of these tips suggested and players will be able to level up quickly, expand, and create many great things on their island.

    Paradise Bay Overview

    Overall this game has a huge amount of content to offer to its fans. There are many civilization simulator building games out there but this game does bring a lot of unique mechanics and story to the app store. With over 40 levels players will be glued to their iPhones for hours as they endlessly grind to complete every single mission . And for those who do not like to rush things that is ok because this is about creating a great island so they can take their time to get a nice theme down and decorate the island the way they want to.


    Hopefully this game will continue to expand because this game has a lot of potential with all the different activities to do in the game and the avid fans who work together so well on this game. These aspects not only provide a fun gaming experience, but also a social aspect with other islanders online. For those who have not already, go check out Paradise Bay on the app store for free because there is a great adventure waiting for everyone on this magical island in the sea. Have fun!

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