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Particle Mace iOS Update Brings iPhone X Support

Jan 4, 2018

A new update has hit the iOS game Particle Mace, thanks to the developer Andy Wallace. In the new Particle Mace update, there is now iPhone X support. This is definitely a much-needed update to the popular 2015 game. Wallace was not sure if he would update the app or not to support iOS 11. Particle Mace has been out since 2015, and the indie developer was really unsure of the direction of the game. He was undecided after Apple made the decision to go to 64-bit. We can now confirm that the game has been updated to the new standards.

Particle Mace Now Runs in 64-Bit

The best news of the day is that Particle Mace is now running in 64-bit format. This was the new format that Apple was making all apps move to in order to run correctly on iOS 11. A lot of indie developers, such as Andy Wallace, were still contemplating the move to 64-bit. The move was being contemplated even as recently as December 2017. The game has now been updated though, which means you can now play Particle Mace on your iOS 11 device normally.

Particle Mace, which is available on Apple’s App Store for $2.99, has also moved support to the iPhone X. Supporting the iPhone X is the right move, considering this is going to be the newest iPhone released and many people are likely to purchase the new iPhone. We are very happy that Wallace has decided to upgrade the app to support both the iPhone X and the 64-bit format. For a game that has been out since 2015, Particle Mace is still seeing a ton of action and updates. Even better, is that the game has only been getting more popular as time goes on.

Particle Mace Now Playable on iOS 11 Devices

For those of you who not have heard of Particle Mace before, you are definitely missing out. This game is $2.99 on Apple’s App Store and it is a space game. It is kind of a complicated game to understand, but it is really fun. There is no shooting in this game, but it is a space game where you have to try to kill off the enemies. You have particle maces and you then will need to try to swing into your enemies to get rid of them. It is a unique game that uses other tools besides guns to destroy your enemies. All the while this is going on, you need to avoid the asteroids which are cruising around your ship.

In terms of iOS games out there, Particle Mace is definitely one of the more unique games. We thought for sure this game would be stuck in the 32-bit world. If that happened, it would mean that if you have iOS 11 that you would not be able to play it. It is great news that the indie developer has decided to bring this game up to Apple standards. We are so glad that he decided to move to 64-bit. You can find a ton of reviews for Particle Mace online, with most of them being raving reviews. A lot of review talk about how cool and special this game is. We are hoping that the developer will add more to the game now since it has been updated to support iOS 11 and the iPhone X.

Particle Mace Update Could Entice People to Download Game

Even if we do not see any new additions to the game, we know that the iPhone X and iOS 11 support will entice more people to try out the game. If you would like to try Particle Mace, you can download it right now from Apple’s App Store for $2.99. Even if you are not typically the type of person to pay for games for your iOS device, this is money well spent.

We are not kidding when we say you will enjoy every second of this game. If you have this game on your device already, you should see the new update rolling out now. Remember you need to update to iOS 11 to enjoy the game in 64-bit. It could take a day or two before the update rolls out to everyone. This is why you might decide to just download the new version from Apple’s App Store instead.