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Paste Productivity App Hits iOS

Dec 3, 2017

There is a new productivity app out right now on iOS called Paste. This app was developed by FiftyThree, which is the developer behind the hit app Paper. Paper is one of the most popular and iconic drawing apps out there. Paper was released back in 2012, and now this makes the second major app for the developer FiftyThree. If you are looking for a new productivity app for your iOS device, then read on to learn why Paste might be the best option for you.

Paste Finally Launches on iOS

The productivity app Paste has been in development for a while now, so it is great that the app has finally released for iOS. Paste first showed up earlier in the year with integration into Slack. Paste is definitely a great looking slideshow app that can help you if you are in a collaborative team-based work environment. Both the iPhone and iPad will now have a separate app to use Paste. It will follow a simple-to-use user-interface for maximum productivity. You might have already checked out the app while using Slack. If so, then you probably have also thought that it should have a standalone iOS app.

There are some cool things in Paste, such as the user-interface that allows you to edit your slides very easily. Instead of messing with various layouts and fonts, you will be able to focus just on the content. There is also a great drag-and-drop function in Paste, which allows you to generate the content automatically from various videos, links, and other images.

There are also reactions in the app that are similar to Facebook, which is pretty cool. Comments are also a huge part of this app and those comments can go directly onto a slide from within the app. This means that the comments will then pop-up on the Slack room. You also have the ability to assign the Slack team members work so that they can work on the specific slides.

Paste iOS App Offers More Productivity & Business Benefits

Since Paste has full integration with Slack, you are going to have more benefits with both your business and overall productivity. When it comes to the iPhone version of the app, it is best for just writing feedback for your team members. This app is also useful on iPhone for viewing slides. The iPad version of the app is really where it is all at thanks to iOS 11. There are new drag-and-drop features and functions in iOS 11, which is mainly out for the newer iPads. This makes the app on the iPad work just as easily and well as the desktop version.

For a limited time only, you will be able to try Paste free. After that limited time, you will need to pay $8 per month for the app. This means that it is likely only businesses and enterprises will be lining up for now to use Paste regularly. If you are not using Slack all of the time for your teamwork and assignments, then Paste might not be the best option for you. Only if your work is really using Slack for everything will this app be worth the $8 per month. If you are not doing everything in Slack, then you might be better off just going with Google Slides for now.

We also do not know yet when the app will be coming to Android. Since the developer, FiftyThree, is mostly an iOS developer, it might not come over to Android at all. Since Android has Google Slides, there really is not that much of a need for Paste. The only need on Android would be if you are doing all of your collaborative work on Slack. We will keep you updated on if we hear any news about this app moving to Android. Do not look for that anytime soon. If this app sounds like something you might be interested in for your business, you can download the Paste app right now from Apple’s App Store.