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Peloton Android TV App Launches as Free Trial Recently was Extended

Apr 7, 2020

Great news if you’ve been stuck inside because of coronavirus and have been looking for a new way to workout. As you probably know, gyms across the country are closed down as the shelter-in-place orders are happening in more states. Peloton is just one of many companies looking to gain business during these stressful times as more people are working out from their homes. It was just announced that Peloton Android TV app was just released to Google Play Store. Read on to learn more about this app and how you can begin looking your best right from the comfort of your own living room.

Peloton Android TV App Released as More People Ordered to Stay Home

We know you’re probably tired of hearing about the coronavirus, by now. It’s something that has impacted our lives in tremendous ways these past few weeks. Our favorite places have all closed down unless they are considered an “essential business. That includes the shuttering of gyms and hair salons. It’s during this time when actual gyms have closed down that innovation takes over. Other companies are seeing a great opportunity that could boost their customer base and also provide a much-needed service during these trying times.

Peloton is one of these companies that has decided to use this time to try to get more customers to use the products and services it offers. The company just announced that an Android TV app is now available for people to download and use right now.

This company is really booming right now, since the whole point is that you can exercise and join classes right from home. It is looking to bring millions of new customers into the fold with this move. If you weren’t aware, Android TV is the operating system behind a majority of smart TVs. That means by releasing an Android TV app, the company is giving millions of people the ability to workout right from their living room.

Peloton Android TV app Released & Free Trial Recently Extended

If you have an Android TV, you’ll be able to download the new Peloton Android TV app starting today. There’s more to be happy about with this announcement than just the new Android TV app. Peloton has also announced that the free trial has been extended to get more people exercising from their homes. The announcement about the free trial being extended happened about a month ago, but a lot of people missed this news when it was announced by the at-home exercise company.

Previously, you only had a 30-day free trial of the exercise app, regardless of which app or operating system you used. The company has extended this free trial to 90-days. That is a much-needed break from paying the bill for a couple of months. The cost per month is $12.99 to use the Peloton app.

That price is not really that much considering all of the exercises and workout classes you can join virtually from anywhere. With the Peloton free-trial, you will get 90-days completely free. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic and it’s going to allow you to try out all kinds of free exercise classes.

Peloton Free Trial Offer Expires Soon & Will You Download the Android TV App?

It’s important to note that the free trial sign-up is only going to be around for a few more weeks. You have to sign-up for the free trial by April 30. Once this offer expires, it will be $12.99 per month for one user. You also can pay $39 per month if you have multiple people in your household using the app. It would be a great opportunity to join Peloton now since the free-trial offer has been extended to 90-days.

Even though companies like Peloton are taking advantage of more people being at home right now, the coronavirus has still negatively impacted the company. Just last month, the company had to actually shut down all of the physical studios it has to all visitors. This meant that only an instructor is in the exercise class. Another impact was that Peloton had decided to stop all in-home deliveries of both the treadmill and bike.

In the comments below, we want to know if you’re currently a Peloton user. We also want to know if you’ll be checking out the new Android TV app. With the addition of this app, it means Peloton is now available for almost all devices. This includes AirPlay, Fire TV, Chromecast, and now Android TV. That allows you to find even more opportunities to workout using Peloton. It should give the company thousands of new users. It’s important to note that you should have Android 6 or later on your Android TV in order to use this app. We want to know how coronavirus has impacted your health. Are you currently looking for a new way to workout from home? How has the coronavirus impacted your daily life and do you miss going to a gym to workout?