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People were dying while playing Pokemon Go

Jul 17, 2016

Why Pokemon Go into the market:

It feels as if everyone and their mother playing smart new Pokémon game of Go, which allows users really require to venture from your couch and to find in the real world, to capture and to train their Pokémon fictional characters.

The concept is a little cold, so that children and adults seem to be obsessed with and why was the application   1 in the App Store since its launch currently number 1 in the Google Play Store, also.People were dying while playing Pokemon Go

How people are getting hurt due to Pokemon Go:

A group of young Smartphone in hand, however, the streets in search of Pokémon walk have  not been entirely without incident. The game is not even a week old and already a few crazy things happened his coach Horde Pokémon roaming.

Missouri (and probably elsewhere), the people were playing games, then there things were stolen during the match on Sunday morning, issued Missouri Police Department sent a message to  thieves via  Facebook target Poke stops . Real places that users visit to perform the tasks in the augmented reality game.

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Real life incident of Arthur:

15 Arthur Digsby apparently left his home at 01.00 pm Sunday with a friend who was at when the two friends found a rare Pokemon on the list of Pokemon near appeared. Reportedly left the two friends to tell the house without responsible adults, and began looking for rare Pokemon Region. Friends thought they had apparently identified the rare Pokemon, but get close enough, as required because it is seeming to be in a house.

The friend of the dead teenager reported that Arthur first round of the residence, prompting security lights trying to get the Pokémon appear. Then he entered an enclosed porch of the residence, and when he did not even seem begun checking the windows of the house and tried to open it.

Always better to take care:

Owner Ellen Jones, a widow of 67 years who lived alone in the house, was trying to open the window of his room awakened by the sound of someone. He was armed with a 9 mm pistol that had belonged to her late husband. He then used the phone to call the emergency services, in which he surprised the teenager tried to open the house through the open kitchen window. Advised the widow panicked and fired twice a teen beating him twice.

Now everyone is alerted about the game worldwide:

The teenager has been associated with two gunshot chest balls into an area hospital where he later died of his injuries. The Mariondale Police Department said that no charges against the owner be submitted. The police then issued a statement ordering people to play the game, to be sensitive and to respect the boundaries of private property at all times. Niantic, the company that created Pokemon Go, has the time not commented on the tragic shooting incident.

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