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Pete Lau says, OnePlus 3 is going to launch in June: Suge 2016

Feb 27, 2016

Pete Lau says, OnePlus 3 is going to launch in June: After the success of the previous phone, OnePlus 2, the company is ready to make a come back with the next model OnePlus 3. The company declares that the smart phone will be released this year 2016. At the conference which was held at Bengaluru for two days, the CEO of the company Pete Lau declared that the phone is in its making and will launch very soon.

OnePlus 3
OnePlus 3

Although the exact date of its release is still a mystery, the phone will be launches very soon perhaps by the second quarter of the month of June. The controversial question that comes up is whether the company will launch two devices in the year or not, exactly like the two phones which were launched last year that is the OnePlus 2 and The OnePlus X. So according to the trend we can very well accept that just like OnePlus 3, they may just launch the succeeding model of the OnePlus X.

There have been a lot of controversies about the smart phone industries in China and India and even the impact that the OnePlus 3 smart phone has on the Chinese markets. The company says that performing business in the countries India and China is very much similar. They uphold the necessary transparency as well as the integrity. The company also spoke regarding this with the head of the Amazon company.

The businesses in China greatly depend on foreign countries and thus the release of this phone does not have any impact on China or their foreign affairs.

The company also claims that whether the sales will be high or not is not their major concern. What they wish to know is whether their service is good or not and whether their products are good or not.

The previous model had gone offline for a while but this smart phone will not, says the company. The company now plans to focus to a great extent on the content. They will make sure that Freedom 251 as well as other phones do not effect their growth.