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Your Phone App for Android Updates with SMS Support

Sep 15, 2018

Good news if you use the Your Phone Android app from Microsoft as a new update is rolling out right now. In this new update, you will find that there is now SMS support, which is the newest integration for the app. Right now, Microsoft has the new update rolling out to those beta testing this app. This new feature is great if you have both a Windows 10 PC and an Android device. We have all of the latest details about the Your Phone Android app update, so keep reading to learn more details.

Microsoft Updates Your Phone App for Android with SMS Support

The biggest feature to hit the new Your Phone update for Android is the SMS support. This allows you to send SMS messages and sync the messages from your PC to your Android device. The downside to this new update is that the SMS support will only work if you are part of the Windows Insider Program.

If you are not part of the Windows Insider Program, you will not see the new SMS sync and support. Microsoft first talked about the SMS support several months ago. Specifically, Microsoft mentioned it when it announced the Your Phone Android app publicly. During the initial beta release of Your Phone, we did not see the SMS support, which was disappointing.

Microsoft said that more features would be rolled out to the Your Phone Android app in the future. The SMS support is just one of the many different features that people were hoping to see come to the Your Phone Android app. There is also going to be more features coming to the app in the future just like Microsoft said. This new Your Phone Android app update is also bringing a couple other useful features that we wanted to tell you about.

Your Phone App Update Also Brings Photo Sync & Share

Another cool feature coming to the Your Phone Android app is the ability to sync your photos across your PC and Android device. Not only will you be able to sync the photos, but you will also be able to share those photos too. We have been waiting for the ability to share photos right from the Android device, and now that is possible with this update. The SMS support and photo sync support is coming in the new October 2018 update. This will be rolling out to everyone in the Windows Insider Program within the next few weeks.

We have tried out the SMS support in the Your Phone Android app, and it seems to actually work pretty well. One thing to keep in mind with this SMS integration is that it does not actually rely on the cloud, which is pretty cool. Even though it does not rely on the cloud, you will find that the SMS conversations you were engaged in actually update quickly.

You will also notice that the Action Center will show you the missed text messages you have on your device. These toast notifications are pretty cool, but right now you cannot take action on them. That means you cannot actually answer those text messages using the Action Center directly. We are hopeful that Microsoft will add the ability for them to be actionable through the Action Center in the future.

Microsoft Your Phone Android App Update Rolling Out Soon

You might have noticed that you already have the new SMS integration and photo sync support. If you are part of the Insider program, you likely are going to see this update before the end of the week. Some people already are reporting that the SMS integration has rolled out, and more people will be seeing the feature in the coming couple weeks. There is also an update rolling out right now to the Microsoft Apps Android app, which is going to enable the same functionality.

We want to hear from you in the comments below on what you think of the new Your Phone SMS support. Are you someone who already uses the Your Phone Android app as part of the Windows Insiders Program? Do you think that the photo syncing and the SMS support is going to be useful for you to sync between your PC and Android device?

Are you hopeful that the ability for the messages to be actionable through the Action Center will come in a future update? What is the best part about the Windows Insiders Program? Let us know your thoughts and comments about Microsoft and the new Your Phone update in the comment section below.