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Your Phone Feature Adds Android Notifications in Windows 10 Insider Preview

Apr 30, 2019

There is a new feature being added to Your Phone that is being released with the newest Windows 10 Insider Preview build. The new feature allows you to see Android Notifications right there on your Windows 10 PC screen.

This is great news because you will no longer have to be constantly checking your Android phone to see your alerts. The Your Phone app has been adding several features lately, and the Android notifications are the newest addition to the lineup. We have all of the latest details about Your Phone adding these notifications so read on to learn more.

Android Notifications Now Part of Your Phone Software in Windows 10

You probably have been waiting for one of the major promises of Your Phone to come true. Microsoft said a long time ago that Your Phone would eventually have Android Notifications as part of the software features. It appears that time has come because in the new Windows Insider Preview build, Your Phone indeed now has the ability to see Android Notifications.

We are very excited for the Android Notifications to now be a part of the Your Phone app because it’s great for those who mainly work on their Windows 10 PC. You will no longer need to grab your phone if you want to check your alerts with this feature.

This allows you to actually be more productive overall since the notifications will just pop up on your PC. You also have the ability to change which apps from your Android phone you see notifications from on your Windows 10 PC. If you dismiss a notification from either the phone or your PC, the notification will then disappear from the other device too.

Your Phone Adds Android Notifications Preview in Windows Insider Preview Build Rolling Out Now

There are many different functions you will have with the new Android notifications feature inside of Your Phone. You will be able to clear out the alerts either altogether or one at a time. Customizing which alerts you receive is also possible, and this allows you to view all of the notifications from your Android device in one spot. There are also real-time incoming phone call notifications that will show up on your Windows 10 PC too.

You can find all of the alerts within the Action Center just like you would normally on your Windows 10 PC. The notifications will only work if you have apps that can display alerts and then you choose to enable those alerts on your device. If you are working at your PC you will be able to glance down and see what is going on and whether or not you need to quickly call someone back or text them back. This is also going to save you a lot of time because you no longer will need to stop what you are doing to check your phone.

How to Get Android Notifications in Windows Insider Preview Build

You can actually try out the new Android notifications feature right now if you are part of the Windows Insider Preview Program. There are a couple of requirements in order to get the new Your Phone feature, including that you need an Android phone that is on Android 7.0 or higher. You will also need 1GB of RAM in order to use this feature.

One downside to the new feature is that as of right now, you are unable to actually respond to the notifications. That means if someone sends you a message, you cannot respond through the Windows 10 PC. We hope that this is a feature that will be coming in the future, especially for other apps that are not part of Windows.

The new feature is rolling out right now to those who have the Windows Insiders build 19H1. As with all other additions, it could take a couple of days for you to see the new feature show up within the Your Phone app. The Your Phone app itself will work on any build that is 1803 or higher as long as you have an Android Nougat or higher device.

There are also other changes and fixes you will notice with the 19H1 build and the screen mirroring feature also was expanded out to support more devices. Once you have tried out the new Android notifications feature in Your Phone app, come back here and tell us what you think about it. Do you hope the ability to reply to the notifications will appear in the future?