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Piccled Ricc Taken Off Steam Following Copyright Claim

Nov 5, 2017

A very popular Steam game, Piccled Ricc, has been taken down from the PC gaming platform after copyright claims. Adult Swim made the claims against Piccled Ricc, which is a fan-made game based off of “Rick and Morty.” If you have been playing this game or you are playing on Steam right now, read on to learn all about the issues that are plaguing the game.

Piccled Ricc No Longer On Steam

One fan-made game based off of the Adult Swim television show “Rick and Morty” has been taken down from Steam after copyright claims filed by Adult Swim. The developer of Piccled Ricc is now fighting those claims. Piccled Ricc became super popular this week when many famous YouTube gamers uploaded videos of themselves playing the game.

Both Jim Sterling and PewDiePie have uploaded gaming videos showing them playing the Steam game. In Piccled Ricc, you take control over Pickle Rick and you can fight huge rats and also explore the environments. The developer, Ata Berdyey, said he will be fighting the copyright claim because the game falls under parody.

If you know anything about the copyright laws, such as on YouTube, then you probably know that parody is allowed under the laws. Until the copyright issue is cleared up between the developer of Piccled Ricc and Adult Swim, Steam said that the game had to be taken down. The developer said that because “Rick and Morty” got so popular, he figured making a parody game called Piccled Ricc would be a good thing for business. Berdyey said he did not want to cross lines in terms of the legality of a parody, and he altered the name and characters in order to not cross any lines.

Piccled Ricc Developer Fights Back

The developer, Berdyey, said that there is not much he can do at this point except fight back. He claims Valve has terminated his contract with Steam at this point in time. This is not the first time that one of his games has landed him in hot water either.

He was also accused of asset flipping, which is where pre-made assets are put into a game and uploaded onto the gaming platform. Steam dubs these types of games as “fake games” and have already removed many of these fake games this year. Once Berdyey had the copyright claim against him for the Piccled Ricc game, all of his other games were subsequently removed from Steam too.

It is interesting because Piccled Ricc has only been out about a week. It was released October 30, and even the Steam Community Page put up promotional content before it was released. Once the gameplay videos were uploaded by PewDiePie and others, that is when Adult Swim had filed the copyright claim. The developer wants to continue working with Valve and putting games up on Steam, but between the copyright claim and being accused of asset-flipping, it seems unlikely at this point.

The game that Berdyey was accused of asset-flipping was Fidget Spinner Simulator. This was dubbed as a shovelware game and promptly removed from Steam. There are also complaints that the levels in Piccled Ricc also seem to be lifted from Unity, which is another issue the developer has to deal with. We will keep you updated with what happens between Adult Swim and Piccled Ricc on Steam, but it is not looking good for the developer.