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Picture-in-Picture Mode Released for All YouTube Android Users

Jul 4, 2018

Good news if you use the YouTube app on Android, as the picture-in-picture mode is finally available to everyone. Before, you would have to be a paid subscriber to YouTube in order to get the picture-in-picture mode on the Android app.

We might have told you a little bit about this previously, since it has been an ongoing roll out for the past few months. It appears that the slow rollout of this feature is now complete, and all YouTube users on Android should now have the feature. Keep reading to learn more about the new picture-in-picture mode abilities for non-premium YouTube subscribers.

YouTube Finally Brings Picture-in-Picture Mode to All Users

The great news here is that now everyone on the Android YouTube app will have access to the picture-in-picture mode. This was previously only available for people who had a paid subscription to YouTube, but now it is coming to everyone as a free feature. The feature itself is very useful, and you should now have the PIP mode available within your YouTube app. Initial rollout of picture-in-picture mode was in April, but the feature has taken this long to get to everyone on Android.

You will need to have Android 8.0 in order to use the new picture-in-picture mode on the YouTube app. A lot of people are still on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat, so that definitely means many people will be missing out on the feature. As you can imagine, picture-in-picture mode allows you to see a video in a small window while you are also browsing YouTube to find the next video you want to watch. You also can still use other apps while you are in the picture-in-picture mode, which is pretty cool.

Picture-in-Picture Mode Useful in Many Situations

Since this mode is now available to everyone, you will note how awesome the feature itself is. If you want to watch a music video but also browse in other apps, it can be done without issues. Some people like to listen to music while playing games or just browsing the web, and that can also be done with the feature. Instead of having to wait for the video to stop so you can browse more YouTube videos, just use the feature and continue searching. It definitely is going to be helpful for a variety of people for many different reasons.

You might be sitting there wondering who had picture-in-picture mode before. It was the YouTube Premium users who have had this feature for quite a while now. YouTube Premium was previously known as the service YouTube Red, which changed names a while back. YouTube Premium launched last year, and has a pretty steady client base. Now, everyone regardless of whether you have the free subscription or paid subscription to YouTube, will be able to enjoy the benefits of picture-in-picture mode.

Picture-in-Picture Mode iOS Release Unknown

While it is great news that the picture-in-picture mode has come to Android YouTube users, many people are asking about an iOS version. We have not heard anything about an iOS release of the feature, and it might not happen ever. Only Android users can place a floating widget on top of other apps or the home screen.

This type of ability is not something that can be done on iOS, which means the picture-in-picture mode would not be the same on iOS. Since there are differences on how it would have to happen, it could mean a long wait until an iOS version is released. The difference might end up making it impossible to release a similar picture-in-picture mode feature for iOS at all.

Picture-in-Picture Mode Now Free Feature for All on Android

If we do hear anything on an iOS release, we will definitely let you know. As for now, the feature is on Android and no plans for an iOS release have been announced. If you have an Android device, you can check out the picture-in-picture mode right now on your YouTube app. Many people this past week were saying that they indeed had the feature, and it appears that the entire rollout should be done by now.

We want to know what you think of the picture-in-picture mode on your Android YouTube app. Is this a feature you will be using a lot? What types of situations do you see the feature to be the most useful? Will you browse other apps while also in the YouTube app with the new feature? Let us know how much you like the feature in the comments below.