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Playable Ads Launching for Android Game Developers

Mar 1, 2017

Google has been busy this week as it has unveiled many new things for Android and Android game developers at the GDC. While we might have told you about a couple new things going on with Google, the company has announced playable ads. These playable ads will be available for developers, and it has officially launched this week. Continue reading to learn more about playable ads and what that means for both developers and consumers on Android.

Playable Ads Launching Soon for Android

Playable ads, or also known as playables, are one of the new things that were announced as part of the GDC in San Francisco. Playables are basically when you can end up playing a small version of a game while you are in another game. Playable ads is what the name suggests, which is that you will now have the ability to try out games that are part of advertisements you see within other apps. This is a new tool that Google has launched for Android game developers.

The hope for the playable ads is that people will be more likely to download and install the games if they are able to play them first through an advertisement. The goal for Google is also get more people to spend money in Google Play Store. The thought is that if you play a game that is in an advertisement, you might find it exciting and then spend the money in Google Play Store to download the game and play it in full. There is also an advertisement angle to this as well, which is that Google wants the developers to be able to see which titles and games the consumers are interacting and engaging with.

There are a lot of third-parties that are competing when it comes to advertisers and advertisements within the games. Google is hoping that the playable ads will help give Google a leg-up so to speak when it comes to advertisements and revenue with the game developers. The cool thing is that you will be able to play a light version of the game straight from the advertisement. You will not have to install anything to play this light version, and it is almost like sampling a product before you buy it.

This new Playable ads concept that will be officially launching in a couple months, is all part of Google’s Universal App Campaigns. The goal is to basically get advertisements in many different formats rolled out through all of the Google properties. Some of the properties include YouTube, Google Play, AdMob, Google Display Network, and Google Search. There is a caveat however if you are a developer and want to use playable ads. You need to display the advertisements within the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network has over 1 million apps already on it.

Google Unveils New Technology

Game developers will also notice that automatic phone orientation is also coming. This will allow the advertisements to be viewed the way that the Android user is currently holding their phone, whether it is horizontal or vertical. Sometimes you might notice that you are holding your Android phone vertically, but the advertisements will display horizontally. Google is changing this so that there will be an automatic new video ad for the developers in vertical format if the video has been uploaded to AdWords in horizontal format.

All of this is really some new technology by Google, which has been using machine learning in order to figure out what parts of the video are the most important. The machine learning is crucial for the vertical second video. Google said that the click through rate on the automatically-designed vertical ads ended up being about 20 percent higher than when those ads were horizontal but watched vertically.

Beyond that, we also got word this week that Google is going to be using Firebase Analytics in order to get better measurement tools out to the developers. This is going to be done using a C++ SDK and on Unity this will end up being an SDK. Google is rolling out these measurement tools because the company said developers will be able to better understand how users engage with the games. This new feature will also allow for developers to begin capturing various events in the game by the Android user. Some events that the developers will be able to capture include the playing time of the games and the levels completed.

Lastly, we have learned that Google will be expanding out the video ads for AdWords and AdMob. These specific videos are known as rewarded video advertisements, which are videos that offer in-app rewards if you watch the video. Some in-app rewards you might see include an extra life or possibly a hint in a puzzle game. Once again, this is something Google is doing as part of the Universal App Campaign. The developers will not have to create any new material in order to get this to work, so they are able to reuse their content over and over for the rewards videos.