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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Implementing New Anti-Cheat System

Feb 5, 2018

If you have been playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam, you might want to know about the new anti-cheat methods now being implemented. The developer of the game, PUBG Corp., is now looking to crack down on all of the cheaters and improve overall game performance. There was already a hint this was coming down the pike last week, and it appears the anti-cheat system is now about ready. The new anti-cheat system will roll out next week to the live servers, and we have all of the details about the new system.

New Anti-Cheat System Comes to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been one of the most popular games on Steam ever. With this popularity comes a lot of people who aim to cheat in order to get ahead. PUBG Corp., is now looking at making the game even better on Steam by implementing new anti-cheat systems. The new anti-cheat system will begin rolling out next week to the servers on Steam. One of the developers went onto Steam to talk about the changes that are coming to the game. Dohyung Lee, the service management and anti-cheat head, said that the focus is blocking unauthorized programs. Beyond that, at a future point, the new system will have a broader scope.

The main premise of the new anti-cheat system is to keep people from using programs in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. These programs are ones in which could help in gameplay or alter the graphics of the game. Any application that is behaving like a game cheat is going to be called out with the new anti-cheat system. This includes those applications that do not even really give someone an advantage while playing the game. While you might not think PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has cheaters, there have been about 1.5 million banned cheaters since the game launched on Steam Early Access.

Anti-Cheat System Aims at Removing Cheaters on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The fact that 1.5 million people have been banned from the game in over a year is amazing and impressive. Even more impressive, PUBG Corp., ended up taking out over 100,000 cheaters in one wipe. The bad part here is that a lot of innocent players have been caught up in the bans, with thousands complaining they were unfairly banned from the game. If you have played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds before, you might have run into one or two obvious cheaters. It seems that the game developer is not kidding about removing players even if the cheat does not give you any advantage.

One important note about the new anti-cheat system is that it appears the Steam Family Sharing option is going to be deactivated. We do not know when that will be deactivated, but it is definitely coming very soon. The in-game report functionality is also going to be improved as part of the anti-cheat system improvement. All of the new functions are going to be implemented in phases and in a steady manner.

That means only part of the new features will roll out this week in the update. The developer said that it will bring a more fair game environment by implementing these new rules slowly. That brings hope that the developer will realize some people are unfairly banned with the current rules. Hopefully, the new system will actually only target the cheaters in the game. We will just have to wait and see at this point how the new rules play out.