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PlayStation App for iOS & Android Redesigned & Includes PS5 Features

Nov 4, 2020

We have great news this week ahead of the PlayStation 5 release on November 12, which is that the PlayStation app has been updated. The app updated on both iOS and Android and it’s been redesigned to give you a better playing experience. Not only was the app completely redesigned, but it also added notable features for the PS5. We wanted to tell you all about this update because it’s going to make gaming even better, especially if you’re getting the PS5.

PlayStation App Updates with PS5 Features Ahead of Console Release

We don’t have to wait too much longer for the PlayStation 5 to be released since November 12 is almost here. Ahead of the console release, Sony decided to update the PlayStation app on both iOS and Android. Within the new app update, you’ll notice that there are several PS5 features that have been included.

One of the new features added to the app is the ability to use the app to sign in to your console, which is really cool. You also will be able to use the app to launch games remotely. This gives you the ability to play your console games without having to be near the console itself. We’ve been waiting for this feature to come to PlayStation for quite a while, so we’re elated Sony is finally delivering on this feature.

Another feature that was added is the ability to manage the storage of your PlayStation 5 device right from the app. That means if you’re downloading a game and realize it’s way too big, you can delete old games you no longer play. If you have some downtime while you’re out and about, you also can just delete games and files that you don’t need anymore just to clean it up a bit.

PlayStation iOS & Android App Completely Redesigned Ahead of PS5 Release

If you update your PlayStation app on your iOS or Android device, the first thing you’ll likely notice is that it’s been completely redesigned. The user interface has been updated and redesigned to allow you to quickly access the details you want to know. You’ll be able to see what your friends are currently playing right from the home screen. There is also the ability to see your recently played games, including achievements and trophies.

The app also includes integration with the PS Messages app and all features found within that app. This means you can now use the main PlayStation app to send messages to all of your friends. Since there is now PS Messages integration, it means that the standalone Messages app is no longer going to be available.

There really isn’t a point to have a standalone app with this new integration so Sony decided to get rid of that to streamline the entire Messages feature. Don’t worry though, all of your threads and existing messages will be carried over into the integration so you won’t lose any data.

Additional PlayStation App Features Added in Latest Update

Other features you’ll find in the PlayStation app update include the ability to create your own party right from the app itself. You can also voice chat with up to 15 people in the app through your phone. The voice chat and group chat ability are going to be so fun through a smartphone compared to using the console.

You’ll also have a native PlayStation Store experience right from your phone with the integration. This means that you can browse and shop quickly from your smartphone and also download games remotely from your device. The PlayStation Store integration will work with both the PlayStation 4 and the new PlayStation 5. Lastly, you will see all of the news and updates from PlayStation right from the PlayStation app itself.

In order to use the new PlayStation app, you will need to be running iOS 12.2 or higher and will need Android 6.0 or higher. With the new integration for PlayStation Store and Messages, it’s going to be a much smoother and fun gaming experience. We can’t wait until the PS5 releases so we can check out all of the new features of the app on the console!

In the comment section below, we want to know if you’ve already ordered your PlayStation 5 and if you’re going to be using the app more to access information. Will you use the app to remotely start your console or play your games? Do you like that the Messages app has been integrated into the main PlayStation app?

Are you waiting to purchase a Playstation 5 console? Do you think the price of the console is too high given the economy and pandemic going on? What other features are you hoping Sony adds to the app in future updates? Lastly, what game are you hyped about that’s coming out for the PS5?