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Plex Update Brings Better iOS Controls & New Apple TV Features

May 27, 2019

The new Plex update is now live on multiple platforms including Apple TV, iOS, and the web. There are several changes in store for this new Plex update that we wanted to tell you about. Some of the changes are focused on the user interface while other changes include bug fixes and other general improvements. If you have Plex on either iOS, the web, or Apple TV, read on to learn more about what new additions you will find in this latest update available right now.

Plex Update Adds New Volume UI & More on iOS

You will notice several changes to Plex if you use this service on iOS. The iOS update is one of many that Plex just released this week and we wanted to tell you more about these changes. In terms of general bug fixes, Plex fixed the issue of the last play queue when you are resuming the app. This means that the last play queue will be working quicker when you resume the app than before.

For improvements on iOS, Plex has decided to add a customized volume change indicator. This means you will not have to worry about the full control panel popping up in the video while you are trying to just change the volume. The new volume change user interface is going to make it much easier to change the volume without impacting anything else.

Improved video player controls have also been released to iOS, and these new controls are more intuitive than ever before. The secondary buttons have been moved way deeper into the normal menu, which includes both shuffle and repeat. This change will free up more space on the main menu and helps you discover even more modifiers of playback. You will now find it much easier to shorten silence, repeat, shuffle, and play at a super slow speed or very quick speed thanks to these changes to the video player controls.

Plex Update for Apple TV App Gets Needed Changes along with iOS

The iOS version of Plex wasn’t the only one getting some much needed changes this week. The Apple TV app was also updated and is getting improved audio features as well. There are four changes in the Apple TV app, including Gapless and Soft pauses. Soft pauses give you a better fade out or fade in when you have paused the video. Gapless allows for a smoother and more seamless transition in between the tracks.

Other changes include Advanced Hybrid Caching, which will allow the entire track coming up next to be read ahead of time. This means you will get continuous playback even if glitches occur or there are network transitions.

With the newly-upgraded video player, you will notice that recently played tracks also have a stored cache too. This allows you to avoid data usage when possible. Lastly, Hi-Quality Playback is also part of the Apple TV Plex update. You will get a direct way to play all of the hi-quality files such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, APE, and even MPC.

There are also some bug fixes in the Apple TV update too, including letting you know when a server is offline in the More sources screen. When you buy a Plex Pass, you also will no longer have a crash occur, which is great news.

If you are switching users, you will also no longer have to deal with the music stopping during this process. Another fix is that if you are trying to get to the Enhanced Video Player, the reliability of this has been improved. When you are in Playlists, you will now see the name of the artist as opposed to just TIDAL.

Plex Update Improves Web Version with New Interface

The Plex web version is also getting some changes which includes a new interface that is being previewed right now. The sidebar is now more efficient than ever before, including hiding all of the things you don’t want or don’t care about. The sidebar is showcasing all of the controls and items that you want to see, making it easier to find what you are looking for without hassle.

You can get Plex free right now on Apple’s App Store for both iOS and Apple TV. If you want a Plex Pass subscription, which is optional, those begin at $5 per month. Once you have tried out the new Plex update and user interface, we want to hear what you think about it in the comments below. Do you like the changes to iOS? Are you happy with the Apple TV updates and improvements? Do you even use the web version of Plex or just the mobile or Apple TV version?