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Podcast Player Castro Acquired by Tiny

Nov 29, 2018

Today we learned that the podcast player known as Castro was just acquired by Tiny. Tiny is known for acquiring small companies such as Flow, the project management software. You can learn more here about the other small companies Tiny owns if this is of interest to you.

One other huge company that Tiny has purchased is Dribbble, which is a design network. Castro is actually one of the most popular podcast players out there on iOS. We have all of the latest news regarding Tiny acquiring Castro, so keep reading to learn more.

Castro Acquired by Tiny & It’s Great News for Podcast Lovers

If you have an iOS device, there is a high chance you have used Castro at some point to listen to podcasts. Castro is one of the most popular podcast players on iOS, and the company was just acquired by Tiny. Tiny is known for purchasing small companies such as Dribbble and Flow, and it really is a great way to grow these smaller companies. The really good news here is that the creators behind Castro are still going to be working on the popular podcast app.

So the original creators of Castro will still be around and they will still be developing the Castro app. The blog post that announced the move was written by Supertop, which as you know are the original creators of the podcast app. They explained that the app was growing and continuing to expand, which is why the decision was made to join up with Tiny. Since the podcast app is growing, more work is needed in various areas, which is where Tiny will come into play.

Castro Growth is Reason Behind Acquisition by Tiny

As Supertop explained within the blog post, a lot of the business needs have just been pulling the creators in various directions. With the app growing in size, the needs of the team are definitely expanding as well. Supertop explained that the designing and building part of projects has suffered due to the focus on all of the other aspects of running a business.

Since Castro is now with Tiny, more resources are available and that means more expertise in certain areas. More contacts and more people to work on other aspects of the business is exactly what Castro needs right now. Growing the team even more will be able to allow individuals to specialize in certain roles and areas.

Both of the original creators will be involved with the development of Castro 4, which is the newest update to the podcast app. These two creators are going to be working both on the development of the app and the design of the app. Other people will be assigned to the administrative tasks that the app company has to deal with.

Those new workers can help make the podcast app even more successful. We are really excited for this news because it means that more eyes will be on the Castro podcast app development and release. Since there are now more people on the team working on the app, we expect that the quality will only continue to improve.

Castro Just the Latest Podcast Player App to be Acquired this Year

Another popular podcast app was acquired earlier this year, which you might know as Pocket Casts. This app was acquired by This American Life, NPR, and a group of other radio stations and broadcasters. Pocket Casts is still developing apps and even just underwent a huge overhaul to the app itself. It has definitely helped Pocket Casts become an even better podcast app, which is what we hope will happen with this app as well.

We want to know what you think of this news and if you think this is a good thing for Castro. Have you used Castro in the past on your iOS device? What were your thoughts of the app before, and do you think the acquisition will allow for new features to quickly come to the app? If you have used Pocket Casts lately, tell us whether or not you think that acquisition worked out well for the podcast player.