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Pokemon GO Android Update Allows for Music Listening

Jan 30, 2017

The newest Pokemon GO update on Android now allows you to listen to music while you are hunting Pokemon in the game. This new update brings other changes to both iOS and Android as well, such as bug fixes. We will tell you all the latest news from the new Android version, which undoubtedly brings the biggest changes.

Android Pokemon GO Update Allows for Music Listening

The good news in the latest Pokemon GO update is that it brings a new feature for Android users. Android users now have the ability to listen to music while they are out hunting Pokemon, which is a feature that iOS users have actually had for a while now. The Android users of Pokemon GO are happy to report that the game does not pause anymore when listening to either podcasts or music. This is great news because previously, you could not listen to music or podcasts and play Pokemon GO on Android at the same time. If you loaded up your music, Pokemon GO would end up stopping and not running while the audio was running.

The bad part about the Pokemon GO Android version previously was that you had to listen to the Pokemon GO music non-stop. There was no way around listening to the Pokemon GO music on your Android device, and players were not happy about the fact the music looped and there was nothing you could do about it. It was either listen to the hideous Pokemon GO music on Android or keep the game on silent. With the newest Pokemon GO update on Android though, you are no longer required to listen to the Pokemon GO music. You can listen to all types of music you want now, whether it be from a radio app or a podcast app, and you can freely still play the game.

The issue that caused the game to stop when you loaded up music was a bug that was happening in the Unity 3D engine. Unity put out a fix for this a while back, although Pokemon GO did not see this fix until the latest Pokemon GO update on Android. It seems that Unity got the memo that players of all games were not happy that you had to listen to the standard game music instead of being able to listen to whatever you wanted to while playing the game. So the issue was not the developers of Pokemon GO, but instead was due to a bug from the game engine in the Unity 3D component.

The only bad news about the Pokemon GO Android update as far as music goes is that it does dampen the volume. If you are listening to music or a podcast, you will notice that the audio is much lower in terms of volume, and it is pretty noticeable. Even though you cannot blast your favorite tunes quite as loud, most people seem to just be happy that they can have their favorite tunes in the background now as opposed to the game music. Be careful though, because once you stop Pokemon GO and just listen to the music, you might end up with a headache because the volume on your device will go back to as loud as it should be. We do not know if the volume decrease is on purpose or if this is another bug, but we will keep you updated on that.

You also will notice that on Android, the starting load times are also much quicker now for the game. There was also a fix for the Android connectivity problems that were impacting people who had the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. Beyond that, you will also see some minor fixes with the text and some minor bug and glitch improvements.

You can download the new Pokemon GO Android version now from Google Play Store. The new version is 0.55.0 on Android. If you already have Pokemon GO installed on your Android device, you should notice the over-the-air update in the next couple days if you have not already received the update.