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Pokemon Go Update Rolling Out to iOS & Android

Nov 23, 2017

There is a new Pokemon Go update on both iOS and Android and the update brings a few different things. We learned about the new Pokemon Go update through the official Twitter account for Pokemon Go. The development team over at Niantic is about to release the new update which would bring Android up to .83.1. On iOS, the new update will bring Pokemon Go to version 1.53.2. Read on to learn about all of the new changes coming in the Pokemon Go update.

Pokemon Go Update Adds iPhone X Support

While there are not really any huge changes in the newest Pokemon Go update on either iOS or Android, this new update is bringing new support. You will find that the iOS version of Pokemon Go will now support the iPhone X. You will find game optimizations available that will allow you to smoothly play the game on the iPhone X. This includes adding support for the screen resolution of the iPhone X, so you will get a clear picture when playing the game.

Support for iOS 8 has been removed from Pokemon Go. This means that you will need to upgrade your iOS device in order to continue playing the game.Other improvements in the Pokemon Go update include improvements to the loading time when you first open up the app. Some bug fixes were also included in the update. A fix was put out for the error banners since previously, they would be visible until you restarted the app. Another bug fix was put out for the Trainers, since there was a bug preventing you from getting the max CP.

Pokemon Go Update Isn’t Only News from Niantic

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, is also going to be changing the EX Raid Battles. A lot of people have had complaints about this and it seems Niantic has finally come out with a solution. The players were able to submit feedback through the website of Pokemon Go and tell the developers the issues. The best part is that Niantic reached out to the players in order to hear the complaints and issues, with the EX Raid Battles being the biggest issue. Niantic is going to have the EX Raid Battles now happen more often in the Gyms over at the parks. It will also soon be much easier to be invited to the Gyms in the parks.

Niantic is also going to be offering prizes as a consolation if the EX Raid Battle is canceled before it begins. The rewards for the regular raids are also going to get much better. Right now, there is a Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge going on. This will allow you to get the various rewards by catching a ton of different Pokemon. Bronze is the first tier, and it was just reached after a player caught 500 million Pokemon. For this achievement, the player got six-hour Lure Modules, Double XP, and also will have more Pokemon appear to them on a global level.

The requirements for the higher tiered rewards are much more involved. Gold is the highest tier, and for this one, you must catch 3 billion Pokemon. That is definitely a lot of Pokemon, and no one has done this yet. You only have until November 26 to reach these tiers in order to qualify. That means it is unlikely anyone will get to gold tier, since you have to catch 3 billion Pokemon. The Bronze tier though, is still within reach for many Pokemon Go players. If you would like to check out the new Pokemon Go update, you can download it now through both iOS and Android. The app should update by itself if you already have the game downloaded onto your mobile device.

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