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Pokemon-inspired Rick and Morty mobile game, Pocket Mortys has launched

Jan 16, 2016

Pokemon-inspired Rick and Morty mobile game, Pocket Mortys has launched: We always have loved, and will love Pokemon. From childhood it’s been our favourite but it’s time that something better is coming out! The best game of 2016 is here: – Pocket Mortys! An absolutely amazing game which takes you to an adventurous journey of recruiting, training, trading, fighting and having awesome  with your Mortys.

Pocket Mortys

This isn’t just a normal action-adventure game, it’s more than that! It’s a life adventure where you go and fight and win battles with your Mortys. Defeat all your rivals and reach the top. Start with training your Morty and command and lead them throughout. With more than 65 awesome Mortys to chase, capture, conquer and recruit. Start playing and get extremely addicted to it right now. Not only that it has a set of cool dialogues that inspire and motivates us. Go on a journey with Rik and discover much more. Try to get the Mustache Morte, Wizard Morte, Cronenburg Morte and more!  Assemble your own team then order your grandchildren to battle among themselves. Combine and capture Mortys to be in the top of the world, space and time. Encounter your old awesome favourite characters like Mr. Meeseeks and bird person. Side quests to never make you bore even when you’re traveling. Also you can try and win prizes at Blips and chits. Different types of fighting styles to defeat, enjoy and show off your moves.

A smooth and good gameplay. With nice graphics to make it lively than ever.

What are you still waiting for? Still not impressed? This is the best game of 2016 and has been in demand by hundreds! Download and install this game for free and enjoy to the fullest. This is a type of game that can never be mastered. There’s no limits for this game. So play, and raise the bar and never lose a battle. Show all your gaming skills here.

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