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Postal 4 Hits Steam Early Access

Oct 17, 2019

We’ve got great news coming out of Steam this week as it was announced Postal 4 has been released to Steam Early Access. It was both announced and launched on Steam the same day, which is pretty rare. We have the latest information about Postal 4 coming to Steam so keep reading to learn more.

Postal 4 Launches on Steam Early Access

Postal 4 has landed on Steam Early Access after being announced for the PC gaming platform. This is a sandbox FPS that involves both Postal Dude and Champ. In the game, you are placed in Edensin, which is a town within the open world. Postal Dude needs to check the items off of his list that he needs to do, which often involve some bad deeds. It’s similar to previous Postal games meaning that Postal Dude only has around five days to get the jobs done.

There are a lot of different errands Postal Dude will need to complete, with more than three errands already in the Monday list. There are a lot of instances of chaos in this game, some are premeditated while others are improvisational. You are able to do a lot of things in the game, such as use lethal or non-lethal weapons. There is the ability to make a mess of everything in a violent manner or you can choose to be non-violent.

Postal 4 on Steam Has Limited Errands for Now

As we’ve mentioned, there are only limited errands available in the game right now since the game just launched on Steam. You are only able to go through the Monday errands, but more errands will be added within the next few days. There will be a lot of cool weapons making a comeback in this game as well, such as the boomerang machete and the shovel. The cool thing is that with the water gun, you can put nearly anything you want in it. You can add urine, gasoline, and water, just like in previous Portal games.

If you head to the Steam Early Access page of the game, you will see a huge section of features and items that will be coming to the game. Since the game has only been on Steam for a few days, there are limitations but the other features will be slowly rolling out. Side errands, NPC bystander reactions, and routines are all coming to the game. You will also have access to co-op in the near future.

Are You Excited for Postal 4 on Steam?

If you want to keep track of everything related to the game on Steam, you can go to the roadmap on Trello for Running with Scissors. This will keep you in the loop of all of the developments related to the game. We don’t know how long Postal 4 is going to be on Steam Early Access before the whole game is released on the PC gaming platform. Hopefully, the game will continue to add a lot of features while in Steam Early Access.

We want to know in the comments below whether you are excited to play Postal 4 on Steam. Have you played the other Postal games and is this a series you like to play? What do you hope comes to Steam Early Access in the future? Were you anticipating a Postal 4 release on Steam or does this come as a complete surprise? If you have tried the game on Steam, we want to hear what you like and dislike about the game so far while it’s in Early Access.