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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Updated: New Warriors, New League and More!

Apr 22, 2017

Power Rangers, the classic TV series and toys franchise, is making its comeback on mobile platforms. A little while ago, game developer nWay announced that they are working on a new Power Rangers game that would blow everyone’s mind. This announcement got all of the Power Rangers fans excited, as expected. Last March, the new Power Rangers game was released for Android and iOS. The new game is called Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is an Action/Fighting game. Rita Repulsa is also making her comeback in this game. She has decided to cause mayhem for the Rangers by creating her own Ranger clones and other monsters. It is up to you to create a team of powerful Rangers and do everything in your power to stop these clones and monsters.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is available for free on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. However, the game does contain in-app purchases. With over ten million downloads, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has strong ratings on Google Play Store. However, the ratings on iOS App Store are pretty average. If you are a Power Rangers fan, the game is definitely worth a try. In any case, it is free to play, so you don’t lose anything.

What’s New in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars?

You might ask yourself what has been added to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars in the latest update. We have got some exciting news for you! Four new warriors have been added to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Lord Zedd, Tommy Oliver Green, Master Xandred and Robo Knight have been added as playable characters.

There is also a new league, called Harwood County. On top of that, there are numerous gameplay updates. The Undiscovered Warriors drop rate has been increased, many rewards have been increased and combat has improved. The Pending Alliance issue and Draw issue have both been fixed in this update as well.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Cheats and Tips

There are a lot of items that you can collect in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. For starters, you have the Power Coins and Power Crystals. These two items can be seen as the currencies of the game. Power Coins are basic, while Power Crystals are premium, since they are harder to obtain. Next to these, you also have Zeo Shards, as well as Morph and Corruption Boxes. It is inevitable that certain people will try to capitalize on this and try to trick people by offering them fake hacks.

Fake Power Rangers: Legacy Wars hacks are easily spotted. Usually the websites look quite suspicious, are loaded with ads and are badly designed. Downloading those “hacks” is a very bad idea, since you are most likely downloading a virus. Those “hacks” will not give you an unlimited amount of Power Coins, Power Crystals, Zeo Shards etc. so you should avoid them.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Gameplay Tips and Tricks

You will go through a thorough tutorial at the beginning of your gameplay in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. The tutorial teaches you everything there is to know about the game. You will learn that your attacks are quick, that you can use breaker attacks to break your opponent’s defense and how to defend yourself. This way, you can protect your health points. Keep an eye on the icons above your opponents’ heads. These will tell you what move you need to make next.

In-game Currencies: Power Coins, Power Crystals and Zeo Shards

There is a number of in-game currencies in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. You have the basic Power Coins, the premium Power Crystals and the rare Zeo Shards. There is also a number of ways to obtain these currencies. Most notable ways to obtain currencies is by defeating your opponents and completing achievements.

There are also two types of boxes in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars: the Morph Boxes and the Corruption Boxes. These boxes contain rewards in the form of currencies, new Rangers and more. You can unlock Morph Boxes by using your Zeo Shards. Corruption Boxes are opened in a different way. You need to meet a certain damage requirement during battles to open up Corruption Boxes. They can also only be opened every 24 hours. Make sure to complete achievements to earn more experience points, Power Coins and Power Crystals.

Join an Alliance

Once you reach level two in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, it is advised that you immediately join an Alliance. By joining an Alliance, you can play together with other players. Joining an Alliance is important because it is one of the best ways to obtain Zeo Shards in the game.

In-game Store

As mentioned before, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars offers in-app purchases. The in-game store allows you to purchase Power Crystals with real money. This will give you a bid advantage, as you will be able to progress much quicker. There are different package sizes available in the in-game store, starting at 80 Power Crystals for $0.99. The largest package contains 14000 Power Crystals and costs $99.99.

Create a Powerful Team

The teams in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars have three members in total. One of the members is the main Ranger, while the other two are side Rangers. You use your main Ranger during battles, while your side Rangers can be called in to help you out with special attacks. Keep in mind that offensive-minded main Rangers have better attack moves, while defensive-minded main Rangers have better defense moves.

Your overall health is the combination of your main ranger and both side rangers. Making good combinations when it comes to your team could allow you to defeat hard enemies. Be sure to experiment and create the perfect combination of rangers for your team.

Upgrade your Team

As you progress through the game, you can unlock better Rangers by using your Power Coins. You can also use your Power Coins to upgrade your current Rangers, making them stronger. It is advised that you upgrade the Rangers that you use the most.


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